Planning To Apply To College? You Need A College Planner!

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Could it be that yours truly, The College Whisperer [], should be shouting from the mountaintop rather than whispering on the Internet?

If you're planning to apply to college, you need a college planner!

Couldn't be simpler, right?

You retain the services of a financial planner to guide your investments prudently, safely, and with an eye toward capital preservation and long-term growth.

You enlist the services of a wedding planner to make sure everything is perfect on that most special day.

Why, you even hire tutors and test prep services to boost GPAs and those all-important ACT and SAT scores.

So, why not take the next, rational step in the college application and admission process by engaging a college planner to help take you or your child the rest of the way?

No doubt your admission to college -- and not just any college, but the college of your choice -- is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It is also, given what four years will cost you, and the potential payoff over a lifetime, one of the most significant investments you will ever make.

Can you go it alone? Absolutely. After all, Amelia Earhart did! Um, er. Bad example.

Should you go it alone? Absolutely not!

Lewis had Clark. Columbus had the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Batman had Robin. Need we go on?

Sure, you could plod through the application process, attempting to navigate the rocky shoals on your own. But one wrong turn in the vast outpost of space that is the bizarre universe of the Common App, the personal statement, the quest for grants and scholarships, and, well, new meaning to Lost in Space!

Why, even choosing the wrong colleges (wrong for you) to which to apply, or uploading the wrong documentation (or failing to upload the correct docs) could sink your ship.

Yes, the college application and admission process is cumbersome, stressful, angst-ridden, and, some would postulate, insane. Do you really want to add to the pressure by going it alone and simply taking your chances?

True. There's a plethora of information out there -- too much information, many say -- much of it frivolous or erroneous. High School guidance counselors. Books. Articles. Family and friends. The Internet.

Guidance offices, a first line of defense, are often overwhelmed and understaffed, and simply cannot devote the time and personalized attention necessary for students to be application/admission savvy in this seemingly complex and too often vexing process.

Books. They're great. Usually for the authors, who make more than enough money to finance their own educations, though seldom yours.

The Internet? Yeah. What you need to know is out there, somewhere, in one forum or another. Go find it. Then, put that information together, separating wheat from chaff, so that it makes sense and actually works for you.

A qualified, experienced college planning counselor not only has the detailed information you need to successfully make your way through the admissions process, but, more than this, will help you bring it all together, sensibly, reasonably, and skillfully. And, but or the few who equate their services with the work of high-profile neurosurgeons, all at a price you can afford!

Heck, the stress relief alone -- both for parents and students -- is worth the price of admission!

Did we say admission?

Indeed! And that's what having an independent college planner in your corner is all about. Choosing the best college (best for you, not as pontificated by US News & World Report). Creating and setting in motion a winning application and admissions strategy. Developing those critical college essays and personal statements. Making certain the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s crossed on every application, supplement and attachment. And, yes, helping to find the money to pay for four or more years of higher education.

In the increasingly competitive college admission process, students seldom gain entree to the college of choice by GPA and test scores alone. More and more, the difference between acceptance and rejection is how well the complete package -- from the high school resume to the critical essays -- is presented.

More than simply leveling the playing field, an independent college planning counselor can -- and the best of them will -- give students the home field advantage, not by gaming the system or sidestepping the process, but through a time-honored process calculated to assure that each student meets or surpasses his or her potential, and that potential -- as well as the promise -- is borne out in the college application.

Leave the college application to chance? Have a DIY admission strategy? Consult a crystal ball, perhaps? No way!

Make the college application and admission process work for you. Give yourself that competitive edge. And, heck, don't just apply to college. GET IN!

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