All About the 2016 Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market

Get ready to shop ‘til you drop at the 2016 Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market!

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Shoppers browsing the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market.

When it comes to unique shopping on Long Island, finding distinctive items, entertainment, and getting great bargains, there’s no place like the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market. Open every Saturday and Sunday through December, the 2016 Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market is a bustling outdoor marketplace filled with good buys and great deals.
Find out all about the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market!.
Not only is the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market the perfect place to go to shop ‘til you drop, it also has lots of entertainment and special events planned for this year - like NY AutoFest at the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market, and a very special Home Expo planned for Saturday, June 18th & Sunday, June 19th!

Local Long Island businesses will definitely want to take advantage of the chance to exhibit themselves, their products, and their services at the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market Home Expo. Call 516-669-7541 to find out how you can become a vendor, exhibitor or sponsor at the event!
What are you shopping for? Some new jewelery perhaps?
Check out our interview with Brian, one of the organizers of the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market below to find out more about this year’s market! When did the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market first make its debut?
Brian: We are now in our 2nd year. We started March of 2015. It started out small, but through our first year we've gained many loyal vendors & customers. They all share the dream we have of being that local hotspot for everyday bargains & treasures.
Liven up your home or garden with some lush greenery! What is it about your event that makes it so unique?
Brian: Our two owners are longtime vendors that created the WMF  not just because of the need to give the community a place to shop, but also to continue that great outdoor flea market tradition that Long Islanders have grown to love.

Also, we pride ourselves in knowing our vendors carry a little bit of everything, from soup to nuts. Every customer coming will hopefully find what they're looking for. What kinds of items are typically available for sale at the fair?
Brian: There is a lot to choose from. We encourage a handful of garage sale type vendors that allow customers to hunt for Collectable treasures & gently used items like tools, furniture & home decor.

The majority of vendors sell new Brand name items like cosmetics, watches, hats, men's Ladies & kids fashions & shoes, health & beauty items, perfume, electronics, toys & more.
Unique items and collectibles at the 2016 Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market. Are there any sort of special events planned for the 2016 Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market?
Brian: Yes, we try to hold something every month to attract different consumers.  We've recently hosted two Car Show dates and have two more scheduled for July & Sept. Lots of Music, Great Foods, Hot Cars & Hot Bargains.

On June 18-19th, we will host our first Home Expo, where customers can find local businesses that offer everything from indoor & outdoor home improvement to mortgage, insurance & legal services. For those interested in the opportunity to gain some exposure through your event, are you still currently accepting vendors and exhibitors for this year's fair?
Brian: Yes, we welcome vendors to come any Sat. or Sun. between 6-8am to purchase a spot, first come first serve, for 60.00 day for a 16 x 16.

Unlike a street fair, we operate 10 months of the year, so vendors find they can start or grow their business by renewing their space week to week.
Clothing, shows and other accessories are just some of the items for sale at the Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market!
Shoppers, be sure to make your way over to the 2016 Westbury Market Fair & Flea Market weekends now through December (Except for Saturday, June 25th & Sunday, June 26th!) to enjoy a unique shopping experience, and for local business, a unique outlet and opportunity to gain more exposure for your business!