Make Your Wedding Stand Out – Incorporate Unique Details Into Your Big Day!

Check out these fun ideas on how to make your wedding ceremony different from the rest!

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Most brides strive to have a truly stand out, special, and unique wedding they can think of all while keeping the traditional touch at the same time. You may think most people will only remember the big things about your wedding, such as the dress, the cake or the delicious food. Most people don’t realize how important the small details are. The tiny unique additions to your wedding will make quite the impression and will most definitely be memorable.

For the couples out there who have yet to decide on their wedding details, we have come up with some out of the ordinary ideas that will help make your special day shine differently than the others! We will discuss details from your grand entrance all the way down to the table settings.

Wedding Day Program
Personalize your wedding by having a “Wedding Day Program” that will be given out to all your guests. This is a thoughtful detail that will help your guests follow along during the ceremony. It can also come in handy if there are any traditions that they may not be familiar with. Not sure what to add to your program? Here are a few ideas:

  • The order of events during the ceremony
  • Names of those in your bridal party
  • Your wedding song
  • A list of any religious traditions or rituals and the importance of them
  • Brief overview of the menu
  • Thank you note to your guests

Arrive In Style
Make your entrance a grand one by showing up to your wedding in an old-fashioned car or horse and buggy. This will add a unique twist to the celebration, instead of showing up in a traditional limousine. The old-fashioned car is a great choice if you’re having a classic style theme to represent the old days. Choose a horse and buggy for an elegant touch to your royal party!

Activities at Each Table
Not everyone likes to dance and mingle at weddings, so leave some activities at the tables for those who stay seated most of the time. Suggest that your guests write down future baby names and take guesses on if your first born will be a boy or a girl. The baby name suggestions will come in handy one day when you’re trying to decide on one.

Another fun idea is to have them write down 10 year predictions. Will the couple have children? How many children will they have? Will they have their own home? Will they have a new pet? At the end of the night, have each guest place their predictions in a box that you both can open later in the night or the next day.

Creative Wedding Guest Book
Having a wedding guest book is a great addition to a wedding party. It allows you to look back whenever you’d like to see the well wishes your guests wrote to you. It’s a part of your wedding day that you get to keep forever. Instead of using an actual book, there are some other cool ideas for your guests’ wishes:

  • Use a large wooden letter of your new last name. Make sure it is large enough for your guests to sign. You can leave the rustic look or paint it to match your wedding colors. Add a white bow to it to make it stand out even more.
  • Have your guests sign little wooden hearts or wine corks and drop them into a shadow box. This is a creative idea and can be used as decoration in your bedroom.
  • Tell each guest to use the photo booth and print out pictures to glue to a photo album. Have them sign at the bottom of their print. It’s hard to mingle with every single person at your wedding, so these photos will show you just how much fun everyone was having!

Party Favors They’ll Put to Use
Give your guests something to take home that they can enjoy and put to use. A unique wedding favor that is sure to be a hit is some colored margarita salt in a tin.  Put your wedding date on it with both bride and grooms names. Choose colors to match your theme, for the outside of the tin and for the salt on the inside, too! Your guests will love this cool idea and will think of you the next time they’re sipping on their colorful margarita!

We hope these imaginative ideas make your wedding day stand out just the way you wanted! Your guests will be impressed, along with yourself; on how great a job you did planning!

Have a unique wedding idea you would like to share? Comment below!