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The 7 Myths about carpet cleaning

Myth 1) Carpets resoil and stain quicker once they are cleaned.
When cleaned by a true professional who uses low ph non-sticky detergent, does exceptional prespotting and a thorough non-rushed job, these problems ...

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Myth 1) Carpets resoil and stain quicker once they are cleaned.

When cleaned by a true professional who uses low ph non-sticky detergent, does exceptional prespotting and a thorough non-rushed job, these problems will not occur.

Myth 2) Carpets take between 1-5 days to dry.

When a foam, bonnet or dry extraction method is used, the carpets usually dry in 1-3 hours. Using a powerful truck powered system, 3-5 hours. Even quicker with turbo fans!

Myth 3) Stains and soil reappear after the carpet dries.

This often occurs when a budget cleaner is used who does a speedy surface cleaning with a budget hot water extraction system. The stains and soil at the bottom of the carpet are not reached and they wick up to the surface. A true professional does a deep cleaning and gets to the bottom of the carpet fibers eliminating this problem .

Myth 4) You lose the stain resistance once carpets are cleaned.

There is usually a pro- rated 5 years of protection in the fiber. After that, you depend on the stain resistancy of the fibers that will do o k with some stains and not so well with others. A qualified professional can apply a highly effective protectant.

Myth 5) Your carpets can be cleaned very cheaply. The budget cleaners are more into bait and switch and even when they raise the price 3-5 times more which is a common practice, the results will not come close to the well-trained pros and their superior equipment. A highly qualified cleaner should be certified, uses safe products, will tell you that he enjoys his work, uses the best equipment available, and will win your confidence from the first time he is called.

When searching for a qualified cleaner, do not question if the cleaning service is certified, if they use safe products and if carpets dry fast, as many will say yes to whatever you ask. Instead have them tell you what they are all about and just listen and write it down. If you are not totally won over,keep calling until you are .

There are under 5 % of cleaners who take healthy cleaning to the max. At this level ,indoor air quality will greatly improve and this is welcome news for those with allergies and respiratory conditions. Also pets and children that are lying on these beautiful ,soft and fresh smelling cleaned carpets will also greatly benefit.

If you are set on spending very little for carpet cleaning, realize that along with that comes very little results and very little or no health benefits. In some cases when overwetting occurs from untrained budget cleaners, mold and mildew are created especially with concrete subfloors. This is not a favorable environment to spend much time in . This can be rectified by by a qualified technician .

Myth 6) Carpets have a shorter life and weaken after cleaning.

Not so when done by a qualified cleaner who will not overwet your carpet. Carpets with moderate to heavy trafficking need to be cleaned twice a year and will look better, be healthier and last longer.Lighter use carpet can get by once a year. Carpets can be properly cleaned 6 times a year (light colored carpets with pets and kids) with no negative effect to the carpet.

Myth 7) Carpets should be cleaned during dry days and after the winter.

Any time of the year is appropriate for cleaning carpets providing that you get the respect and cooperation from family members to take their shoes off at the front door.This will also make a world of difference on soiling and wear. Also realize a vacuum cleaner is only a particle remover. It is the same as sweeping a kitchen floor, you will also need to mop it. In winter when we are indoors the most and in sealed homes , we are exposed to a higher level of poor indoor air quality. It is of great benefit to have clean carpets during that time.

Here is a quote from the E.P.A.: " Until such time as the carpet fibers are cleaned, the potential for human exposure and health risk remains high. Every time carpets and fabrics are emptied of their pollutant build-up through professional cleaning methods,there is a health benefit ."
Helpful hints.Always blot up spills by stepping on wads of paper towels.In this way you help dry and remove most of the spill .