Honor Your Heritage With a Beautiful Irish Theme Wedding!


Need some ideas on a theme for your big day? Check out these elegant Irish theme wedding ideas!

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Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, so it should be planned exactly the way you want it! We know it is difficult for a couple to narrow it down to a specific theme since there are so many ideas out there. Make your special day a unique one by honoring your heritage with an Irish style wedding. This means lots of Emerald, shamrocks and some traditional Irish music!

March is a popular time for Irish theme weddings, since St. Patrick’s Day events are celebrated throughout the entire month. Whether you’re planning an Irish theme wedding for next year or are putting some finishing touches on this month’s celebration, here are some exclusive Irish wedding ideas:

“Lucky in Love” Invitations
Go all out with your Irish theme by adding some luck of the Irish to your invitations! Use green font to make it pop and have “Lucky in Love” written across the top with an accent shamrock. You can make it a 3-D invitation by gluing a shamrock to the top or you can have your vendor draw it in. If you really would like to get creative, make your entire invitation the shape of a shamrock!

DIY Mini Four-Leaf Clovers
Decorate the tables with tiny four-leaf clovers, without breaking the bank! Purchase some fake flowers from a local craft store, ones with plenty of green leaves, along with a four-leaf clover punch out. If you can’t find this at a store, check some websites to purchase them. Punch out your clovers using the fake green leaves, making as many as you need for your big day.

Use Plenty of Emerald Accents
If you are interested in an Irish theme but don’t wish to go over the top, simply add minor green accents to wedding décor.

  • Hang colorful, yet classy shamrocks from the ceiling and add a shamrock shaped or emerald colored straw to each champagne glass.
  • Wrap the party favors in emerald packaging and place at each table setting.
  • Place a large emerald bow on the back of each chair, or an emerald colored sash.
  • As the bride, wear emerald heels under your dress for a festive but still subtle look.
  • Incorporate the Irish color into your centerpieces, using decorative items such as beads or some white and green flowers.

Elegant Emerald Wedding Cake
The wedding cake will be one of the main attractions at your celebration, and the great thing about it is you can customize it any way you’d like! Create an Emerald shamrock layer at the bottom of your cake, decorating the next few layers with celtic style designs. Top it off with a “top hat” layer to symbolize a leprechaun hat! Another fun idea is for a separate groom’s cake, a green Heineken bottle! This is a great manly touch for your significant other and the color will even match your theme! As for the menu, indulge in some corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread or other traditional Irish sweets for dessert.

Celtic Styled Wedding Party
Incorporate your theme while planning the details for your wedding party. Choose an emerald color for your bridesmaid dresses, or have them wear an emerald colored lace or ribbon somewhere on their dresses. If you don’t want too much color in the dresses, the ladies can wear something in their hair to show a pop of color. For the groom’s side, have his best man and wedding party wear emerald ties, giving off a nice subtle touch.

Irish Entertainment
To complete the perfect Irish wedding, you can’t forget about the traditional music! To really make your guests feel like they’re in Ireland, have bagpipers and fiddlers play at your wedding. This tops off your night perfectly, along with a live Irish band or a DJ spinning your classic favorites. While the music is playing, hand out fun party favors for your guests, including leprechaun hats, green beads to wear around their necks and funky shamrock sunglasses.

Put all these inspirational ideas together and you will have an exceptional wedding day! Incorporate anything else you’d like to really make your heritage stand out, maybe some family heirlooms or your grandmother’s jewelry. It is your day, show pride in your culture and turn it into a dream come true!

Have some ideas for the perfect Irish wedding? Share with us by commenting below!