Homeowner How To: Preparing for Spring


Spring is on the way! Does your yard need a little extra TLC this year?

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With Winter nearing it’s end and Spring around the corner, most homeowners are starting to think about preparing their lawn and yard and doing some spring cleaning for the upcoming year. A beautiful, lush and thriving lawn is a huge part of your home and your home’s value.

This is the time of year when you begin to plan for your dream yard. What kind of gardens and plants will you plant this year? Now is the time to thatch the lawn and mark out where you want to plant gardens and select the type of plants, shrubs, trees and flowers you want.

Spring cleanups by lawn maintenance companies can not only prepare your yard for new plantings, but also keep your existing plants and yard beautiful and healthy.

If you are thinking about planning a new outdoor space, whether it is a small water feature, pond or pool, you should consider meeting with lawn and garden maintenance and design experts to best plan your beautiful outdoor space. With the right help and planning, upcoming years can be much less of a chore and more enjoyable with less maintenance as the years go on.

Automatic sprinklers are a wonderful thing! Are you planning to install a sprinkler system for your yard? Most families are so busy and simply do not have the time to keep their lawn happy, watered and lush. Call your local specialists who will help you figure out the layout, what your needs are to start the process and when you need to get the work started. A smart plan is essential to create beautiful plantings and keep them looking amazing.

Lawn and garden specialists can help you prepare for the yard of your dreams and keep it looking beautiful year round.  They can help you select the proper plantings that will thrive in your area and your soil type, and help you maintain an amazing home garden you and your family will enjoy year after year.

What are your plans for your home this spring? Do you have plans to create a beautiful water feature, pond or a new garden? Consider adding some curb appeal and sprucing up this spring so you can enjoy the benefits this summer and for many years to come.