Lori Lemon Geshay soon to reveal her book - Dating Diva Adventures


Lori Lemon Geshay is an author and columnist who will soon release her book, Dating Diva Adventures, sharing her personal dating experiences while on the quest for true love.

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Houston, TX - Lori Lemon-Geshay has everything that she wants, and nothing that she needs; that is true love. She's had a successful IT sales career for over sixteen years and travelled around the world. However, she's paid too much attention to her job and not enough to her personal life. She believed that money would bring her happiness. She believed that material things would make her whole. She's here to set the record straight that after all the extravagant purchases, you feel good for a moment, but then, not so much! Now don't get her wrong, she loves her Birkins, diamonds, and anything with an interlocking "CC" (Chanel) symbol, but they don't keep her warm at night!
Dating Diva Adventures begins with three BFFs in tow, and they created an online dating profile for Lori with a well-known social networking site. After over 3,286 hits in thirty days, Lori set out on a journey of self-discovery in hopes to learn about her own needs, desires, and basic human interaction while on the quest for true love. During this process of first dates, she met some incredible individuals from all over the world and learned about common dating faux pas and areas of opportunity that we all have.
Lori's, Dating Diva Adventures is lighthearted, witty, and introspective. It is not about the "hunt for a man," nor is it about marriage or finding a rich sugar daddy. Lori says, she'll leave that to the experts! She's a woman of substance, has her own financial means, and she doesn't need a man for that, nor do you.
To learn more about the Dating Diva Adventures, please visit www.lorilemongeshay.com. Dating Diva Adventures (ISBN 978 0 557 85583 4) will be available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, iPad/iBookstore, Lulu, EBay and through other local retailers.

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