Useful Wedding Registry Items You Must Not Forget!

Check out these convenient and fun wedding registry items you need to put on your list!

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Your wedding registry is an important part of your big day but unlike some of the other organizing, this part can actually be quite fun. It’s pretty much like going shopping for everything you want, but letting other people buy it all for you! After the wedding, some newlyweds find that they wish they had added certain items to their registry, simply because it slipped their mind or they had not realized how much they needed something. 
While planning the wedding, your brain can sort of get into a fog with all the stuff you have going on. Before starting out, sit down with your partner and go over all the things you both have so you’re not ordering anything you won’t need. To assist you a bit with beginning the process, take a look at these practical registry items that you will be thankful you didn’t forget! 
Outdoor Equipment
Outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and snowblowers can be quite expensive, so why not add it to your registry and see if some friends will split the cost? These are great to have and you will need one sooner or later. Other great items are rakes, shovels and gardening tools.
Bedroom Necessities 
Your bedroom is going to be one of the most important rooms in your home, so you want it to be as cozy as possible! Ask your friends and family for some comfortable linens and maybe even a new comforter set to enjoy together as a married couple.
Kitchen Appliances 
Appliances for the kitchen are a must have and are a very popular wedding registry item. Think of all the things you need now when you cook and write them down as you go so you can add them to your list. 
Home Office Items 
If you’re someone who has an office at home or works from home, it’s a nice idea to have some extra supplies lying around for when you run out. Ask for all the basic stuff such as post-it notes, pens, pencils, staples, white out, highlighters, tape, an envelope opener and some filing folders. If you’re interested in redecorating, put some fun decor items on the list too!
Storage and Organizers
It’s never a bad thing to have too much storage. As years go by you will accumulate more and more, creating a need for more space.
Tools are perfect for the handy men out there but good to have for the women, too! You never know when you will need to fix something so it is always a great idea to have them stored away somewhere.
Backyard Essentials 
Your backyard is going to be a hangout spot when the nice weather arrives, so create a beautiful oasis that is perfect for entertaining! To do this, add things such as a grill, a fire pit, some nice patio furniture and even some lighting to add ambiance. If your home has a pool in the yard, ask for some floats and cleaning supplies for it. This will save you some money when the summer comes! 
Have a wedding registry item you would like to share with us? Comment below!