Energize Your Body With Detox and Enzyme Replacement


By Dr. Matthew Lewis THE LEWIS WELLNESS NUTRITIONAL STRATEGY - Identify the source of stress - Replenish the body's enzyme stores - Detoxify the body - Restore balance


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By Dr. Matthew Lewis


- Identify the source of stress
- Replenish the body's enzyme stores
- Detoxify the body
- Restore balance


The Doctors at Lewis Wellness Center are specialist at identifying the causative agents of poor health. For each individual there are generally 1-2 identifiable dietary sources of stress that are making digestion and absorption of foods difficult. In addition these foods or chemicals may create a toxic cellular environment. Every person is different and that is why recommendations are based on individual testing not a one size fits all approach.


After determining what the source of stress is we then focus on replenishing the body systems that have been overburdened and depleted. By replacing with natural food enzymes you can assure that the food you eat is being digested. Proper digestion improves absorption and utilization by your cells. The enzymes we utilize are formulated with specific herbs, vitamins or food sources. The supplements that are used are one hundred percent food. That means no nasty side effects. Enzyme Replacement Nutrition is cutting edge utilizing the body's ability to self heal while taking advantage of powerful proteins that are safe, natural and rarely discussed outside of scientific circles.


Detoxification is a necessary ingredient to improved quality of life and health. Again, often ignored by the scientific medical establishment. Think of it, most medicines create toxicity. That is why the liver is working so hard with many medications, it has to attempt to detoxify what is toxic. Think of the tremendous number of toxins surrounding us daily. Pollution, pesticides, chemicals in foods, carpets, paint, we can go on forever. In today's world those who choose not to or are ignorant with regards to detoxifying their bodies will inevitably suffer more. Unfortunately, the reality is that we live in an unnatural environment, so it becomes necessary and extremely beneficial to detox or spring clean occassionaly. When was the last time a Doctor put you on a chemical reduction program and provided your body with nutrients filled with enzymes that are known to clean up. Not Likely! The Doctors at Lewis Wellness Center pride themselves on making this easy and painless.


Together we have found the source of stress. You have begun to reduce the exposure to these stressful foods, chemicals, or environmental insults. Now your body can begin to naturally restore balance. Please take a moment to recognize that your body has thousands of mechanisms to maintain and restore balance (homeostasis). This is a fact, a scientific, physical, mechanical truth. Your body is working everyday to balance and regulate itself. It most likely veered off course because too many physical, chemical, or emotional stresses have been thrown it's way. You temporarily lost the ability to adapt satisfactorily. Now that you have taken a new path, renewed your energy reserves, and nourished your body the ability to restore balance is greatly enhanced. Restoration of balance frees you up to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Dr. Matthew Lewis, a Long Island chiropractor based in Commack, New York concentrates his practice in enzyme replacement nutrition, a cutting edge nutritional science. Dr. Lewis strongly believes in the body's ability to heal from within. Stress or imbalances to the body's homeostatic mechanisms (control systems), must be eliminated if health and well-being is expected. Dr. Lewis has focused his practice on guiding patients in the removal of stress from their lives and hence bodies. His approach focuses on treating the body as a whole - not on treating each illness- and his practice provides patients with alternative health care choices to help them overcome a variety of health problems. By educating people about using these safe and natural methods, Dr. Lewis works towards enabling his patients' physicians to reduce or eliminate medications and focuses on helping people enhance their overall quality of life.

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