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Family Youth Services: And Not Just Veteran Families

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With all that is going on nowadays with federal and state budget reductions, an area that has the potential of losing up to 75% of their existing funding but for some reason has not drawn the publicity that such a loss should draw from our local media is... youth board agencies. One such agency is the Yes Community Counseling Center located in Massapequa. I've known the services that they provide, and the individuals who lead this agency (Jamie Bogenshutz Executive Director and Mark Wenzel Assistant Director) for over 15 years. They do not deserve to have their funding cut at all, no less so drastically. Our community does not deserve to lose a resource as important as is theirs. I therefore ask that you contact your State senator and assemblyman, your county legislator, and county executive, asking them to do all in their power to prevent the untimely reduction to the funds needed by community youth agencies such as Yes Community Counseling Center. If you need help in contacting your representatives, feel free to give me a call. By the way, the administrative expenses of 'Yes' in 2007 were only 8%. More about 'Yes' follows.

Yes Community Counseling Center (


Originally incorporated in 1977 as Youth Environmental Services, they have been assisting young people and community members in an effort to enable them to develop to their potential. As a non-profit community based organization, their name was changed to YES Community Counseling Center to better reflect the scope of services that they provide. These services are comprehensive and designed to respond to the complex needs of their clients and family members. Generally, those who are requesting assistance are doing so in response to some personal issue. This may include poor family relationships, drug and/or alcohol involvement, domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, school problems, peer or marital difficulties, health concerns, and other problems. An initial meeting or intake will determine the type of services provided based upon the specialized needs of that individual and/or family. Services are available Monday-Thursday from 9am to 10pm, and Friday from 9am to 5pm. Every effort is made to accommodate the schedules of working parents.

Some of their services include:

* Individual Counseling
* Family Counseling
* Group Counseling
* Case Management
* Medical Management
* Vocational Counseling
* Prevention
* Outreach
* Crisis Intervention
* Recreation
* Training
* School Based Programs
* Information and Referral

--- Regards, Walt Schmidt