Shingles contagious - Proved by expert doctors

Is shingles contagious was the most common question asked by many people those who were diagnosed self or has in family

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Shingles are known as herpes zoster and it is a viral infection which affects the central part of nervous system. The symptoms are commonly found like there are some rashes on the skin which found to be painful and these blisters are found to be at very limited part of the body.

is shingles contagious

is the common question arising in the mind of the person when one is diagnosed to it? The answer to the question is that yes

shingles contagious

. This disease affect to those who have not ever suffered from chicken pox in childhood or in adult age. This shingle contagious is due to the reddish bumps occur on the body and after few days this bumps are filled with fluid blisters so it gets the feeling of itching and burning sensation.

This mostly appears in the form of stripes as a belt placed around the body. Is Shingles contagious this is a confusion created in the mind of the people and on this there are solutions which are been recommended and advised by the expert doctors? If you can see that the person who has been diagnosed to it suffers many rashes on the body and it changes in size, shape and color after every period of time. This shingle contagious, it occurs not only on the body but on any part like on eyes, legs, hands, chest, and face or on head. The symptoms of it are been the same and the solution to it also. It takes the fluid blisters to heal around 2-3 weeks and then it dry the wound and remain is just the scars.

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