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Making Organizing More Fun

I realize that we are still in the midst of winter and thoughts of shoveling the last of the snow are more in the forefront of our minds than beautiful spring weather but this is ...

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I realize that we are still in the midst of winter and thoughts of shoveling the last of the snow are more in the forefront of our minds than beautiful spring weather but this is what makes this time of year a great time to get organized. Once the warmer weather arrives, the last thing we want to do is spend our free time getting our lives in order. In general, when it comes to tackling organizing tasks, most people would rather do anything else. And this will be even truer once the warmer weather arrives. But just think about it. Being organized in itself will free up the time you want to have to do your favorite things: spend time with friends and family, devote time to hobbies, taking vacations, going to the beach, relaxing. . . So why not take advantage of the last six weeks of winter and take care of those organizing tasks now?

Any time you decide to take on your organizing tasks, think of ways to make it more enjoyable so it does not become a daunting task. Try to do something to make the task more tolerable and enjoyable.

For example, when I do the ironing or fold laundry, I usually have the television on in the background so I can watch and/or listen to one of my favorite shows or a movie I have rented. Doing both of these things at the same time is easy and you will be done before you know it!

When doing house cleaning, turn up the stereo and play your favorite music. Invite a friend over to help and then return the favor by helping her do the same at her house. Sharing chores and tasks with a friend definitely makes the experience more enjoyable. But be sure to keep breaks to a minimum. You can chat as you clean! Reward yourselves afterward by going out for coffee or lunch or even shopping.

Use time doing household chores and tasks as quality time with family members. Get your spouse or children to join in and also use that time to catch up on what is going on in each other's lives. Not only will you be getting things done but you will also be finding the time to connect with members of your family. Also when doing tasks with children, you are teaching them responsibility and good habits for adulthood. You may also want to incorporate a reward afterward such as going out for ice cream or a trip to the zoo. You will find yourself looking forward to this ritual.

Don't like to file? Take a closer look at your filing system. Does it look warn and unattractive? Are the folders overflowing? Things that are pleasing to the eye are more attractive to us and will make us feel better when we deal with them. Use colored file folders in your system. Replace old folders with new ones. Use a label maker to make it look even better. And the best tip? Do the filing every day or two so it doesn't pile up. Once that pile develops, it is more likely to grow!

When the warmer weather finally does arrive, take work outside with you whenever possible. There are many small tasks we can do while outside and it will be more pleasing to your senses to do it out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Whenever you are planning your next organizing task, think of a way to make it more fun. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.