A Shining Light Rises in Recording Artist- Ciara Corr


by Nick Christophers Sometimes when life hits you with a curve you come back with a fast ball. That would be the case for upcoming recording artist Ciara Corr. Ciara the stunning bright eyed brunette ...

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by Nick Christophers

Sometimes when life hits you with a curve you come back with a fast ball. That would be the case for upcoming recording artist Ciara Corr. Ciara the stunning bright eyed brunette struggled most of her young life to find her place in the world.

Being raised predominantly by her mother and then living apart from her from one foster home to another it was incredible she did not end up on the wrong side of the street. Ciara stayed true to her love for music which helped guide her on a positive path. She currently resides in Brooklyn but was raised on Long Island.

She was inspired as a young girl by the talented Mariah Carey who by her own right is an amazing story. Besides Mariah her mother was also a big inspiration since she was also a singer. In my home I was surrounded by music. My mom would play music from Barbara Streisand and sing it note for note. I wanted to be like my mom and sing, Mariah just sealed it for me.

If she was to choose a song to perform from Mariah it would be either Butterfly or Hero. Ciara has worked with various producers but her first project was engineered by Mark Wilson (The Professor). Her first project was the hot single Get My Way.

Mark was also apart of her following two singles Our Little Secret and Struggle Is My Necklace. Mark was involved with key recording artists in the industry like; Destiny s Child, Will Smith, Beyonce, Brandy and more. Ciara also worked with vocal producer Sean Varo on these projects. Her music can be found on iTunes and her website is http://www.ciaracorr.com/bio.php.

Mark Wilson came to Ciara through NBA legend Earl The Pearl Monroe, who runs Reverse Spin Entertainment.
They ended up working together on the single Get My Way which became the primary track to promote. It turned out to become a strong single which is getting a buzz here and overseas. Soon the video for the track will be released the director for the video is Alistair Christopher who was nominated for an Emmy twice.

She soon signed on with Reverse Spin Entertainment who are currently on a determined promotional campaign. They shot two videos for the singles Get My Way and Our Little Secret. The videos were shot entirely in one weekend. The videos were shot in Brooklyn on Myrtle Avenue and Manhattan at a tattoo parlor called Hood. Ink and Taj Lounge. The video shoots were great and we had a great time doing it even though we only got about three hours of sleep. You can catch the video at http://www.youtube.com/user/ReverseSpinRecords .

Her debut single which was released in September 2009 was also coupled with the sultry Candy and the ballad Our Little Secret. Ciara has a great combination of a smooth seductive voice and the talent to electrify any crowd. Earl Monroe was very touched by the single Struggle Is A Necklace which is an illustration of her life and the trials and tribulations she went through. The single was the lasso that drew Earl to sign Ciara and begin developing this diverse and talented artist.

Ciara who is not only a singer but the songwriter behind these catchy tracks is always inventing other ways to enhance her career. She has appeared and performed at various events like Fashion For RAINN (Rape, Abuse & National Network), Dance Times Square Benefit for Cancer, Harlem Week, Pulse Lounge for the record release party, Mob Candy Magazine Release Party and recently at the World Bar at Trump Towers. Ciara has always managed to draw the crowd and keep people dancing any where she performs.

Ciara has placed some key roles in front of her to accomplish. One of her main goals is to write for other artists. She is also big into traveling and one day she would love to maybe even open a school. I do not want to lose track of where I came from and that I want to do positive things with my life. Many artists get caught up in the hype and lose touch with reality.

Presently, she has an upcoming tour in Europe which will be covering areas like Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. The tour was put together by Reverse Spin Entertainment. Ciara is a determined individual who will stop at nothing to accomplish what most merely dream about.