IS YOUR DOCTOR QUALIFIED TO ADVISE YOU? This may certainly seem like a very strange question to ask! Why wouldn't a doctor be qualified to advise you on your health? Don't most people assume that ...

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This may certainly seem like a very strange question to ask!
Why wouldn't a doctor be qualified to advise you on your health? Don't most people assume that their doctor is
qualified to advise them, or even make decisions for them?

Doctors are only qualified to advise you in the areas in which they have received training.

So the important question to ask is this: was your doctor ever trained in health and how to help your body aintain or recover health?

If a person confuses training and knowledge about health with training and knowledge about sickness, then the answer is a quick "yes."

But if you realize the fact that your doctor may not have received any training in maintaining or recovering health, then you may have a very different answer.

Medical doctors are indeed highly trained and very knowledgeable in handling accidents, in matters of diagnosing disease and in knowing how to suppress and manage the symptoms of that disease by using drugs and surgery.

But medical doctors have had absolutely no formal training on how to support your body's natural healing processes (this is slowly changing). Doctors are indeed experts and professionals in what they do, which is treating the symptoms of disease or trauma. They are not trained in health or in how to get it (as most people assume).

So the idea that your doctor knows best is a common, yet deadly assumption. You don't expect your doctor to be an expert in building houses, plumbing or fixing cars, because these are not areas in which he or she was trained. Nor was your medical doctor trained in health! Your doctor's training was in treating injuries and the symptoms of disease primarily with drugs and surgery. Allopathic (drug based) medicine is most appropriate, and often fantastic, for accidents and a crisis situation, but it is seldom effective for treating chronic disease or restoring good health.

So yes, you do need to trust your medical doctor, but only in the area where he or she has had training. Trusting your doctor's knowledge on drugs and symptom management is good,
if that is what you want or need. But unless your medical doctor has had broader training in health and nutrition
outside of medical school, you may want to utilize the broader education that a health care professional such as a naturopathic or chiropractic doctor has that includes health and nutrition.


The best doctors can do is give you their opinion based on their limited knowledge. Even the best doctors don't know everything, and whatever they tell you is an educated guess based on their limited knowledge and training. This is
changing, but unfortunately, very slowly. Thirty-four of the 125 medical schools in the U.S.--including Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins--now offer courses in alternative medicine.

A famous doctor once related that during his first year of medical school, an old and wise professor made a startling announcement at the beginning of a class. He stated that one half of what they were going to learn in medical school was false--they just didn't know which half!

Don't ignore what a doctor tells you, but don't blindly believe it either. You alone are responsible for your health. Doctors are to be consulted by you to give you their limited perspective (opinion). Don't treat your doctor as if he or she was God (the average medical doctor dies at age of 57!). They may not be qualified to advise you on your problem, unless they had training in that area.

By the way, many doctors are now learning about glyconutrients and are now using them. However, sad to say,
most are still unaware because glyconutrients as a subject matter didn't even appear in the medical text books until 1996. So if your doctor graduated from medical school before
that date, he most likely does not know about it yet.

But some day it will be common knowledge to both doctors as well as lay people, just like antibiotics is common knowledge. Until then, you have a huge advantage of being able to use them now!

Health is virtually inevitable if you keep doing the right things long enough.