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Have More Fun In Bed !!!

Have more fun in bed...keep the dogs on the floor. I am blessed with three wonderful dogs, Jake, Elwood (both Labs), and Max (Malinois). I love them very much. I do not love the idea ...

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Have more fun in bed...keep the dogs on the floor. I am blessed with three wonderful dogs, Jake, Elwood (both Labs), and Max (Malinois). I love them very much. I do not love the idea of them in my bed. Unfortunately for me, my wife Jen has other ideas.

I have been an Assistant Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout troop for the last 9 years and an avid outdoorsman since I was 12 y/o. These often-intertwined hobbies will take me into the great outdoors at least one weekend every other month and a full week during the summer. Jen said she feels more comfortable with the dogs (especially Jake) nuzzled next to her when I'm away. Since Jen doesn't complain about my weekends away I guess I can't complain about the canine bedmates when I'm not there.

I had my way through the Lab's entire puppy hood. We built a great foundation of 4 on the floor, no couch lounging, and absolutely never come on the bed. I bought three big dog beds that now surround my bed. They seemed very happy to 1) be in our bedroom, and 2) have a nice comfy place to sleep. They started to attempt to climb into bed when Jen and I are about to go to sleep. Not for long.

Since I'm a dog trainer I couldn't do the husbandly "You can't train them like that!" routine. Ok I tried that, but Jen gave me a look, and I realized I just got signed up for a honey-do.

The dogs are confused about the situation. They don't understand when it is ok and not ok to come on the bed. It is not fair to yell at a dog for this type of situation. This is owner-induced confusion. I needed to make going on the bed a command.

I taught the dogs what "on" means. I started with a sheet of plywood, rested on two benches. I pointed, said "ON", encouraged them up and gave a treat. We did that several times a day for a week or so. The dogs already know off so once they know what ON and OFF means, the rest is easy.

We went to the bed upstairs and I told them ON. Up they went. Good boys (it hurt to say that). Next was off....we did it again.. and again. Step one complete. Next step is to wait for them to go up on their own and immediately command OFF with a sense of urgency. Keep this up for several days until they no longer try to go on the bed without a command. Do not command them up on the bed again until they stop trying to go up on their own. If you are consistent, they will learn quickly. I also recommend closing the bedroom door when your not training until this process is complete.

Now we go to sleep at night and the dogs happily use the dog beds. Jen can command them on the bed without any trouble. I do not suggest this when....well....I don't suggest it at all. But if you find yourself in the situation I did, give it a try after the dog is obedience trained. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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