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Ancient Mysteries: Puzzles of History

There are several ancient mysteries that are places of tourist attractions. There are many church of Christ that belong to the ancient period and are still revered by people

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There are several

ancient mysteries

in world, many of which have never been explored or only scanty information is available for such places. These places have puzzled the explores, researchers and archeologists from many decades as only little clues are available as to when and why were these ancient mysteries were created. Most of these mysteries include pyramids, Church of Christ, and temples and are the perfect destinations for the tourists who are keen to explore these ancient monuments.Most of the ancient mysteries were man-made constructions that were built for either ritualistic purposes or were sites of religious fervor. Carnac Stones in France is a village that houses more than 3000 megaliths of stones. The exact period of its construction is not known. There are two types of stones; some and signally while other are clusters. One of the other ancient mysteries that have caught the attention of the archeologists is Machu Picchu that is located in Peru. It is a popular ruined place that symbolizes ancient Inca civilization. It has several temples that are devoted to deities.

An old

Church Of Christ

that has remained a tourist attraction is Assyrian Church of the East. Several other churches that belong to ancient period are located in Egypt. A common feature of all Church Of Christ is that their construction started in some cave or temple and was later expanded. Hagia Sofia is an Old church of Christ that has attracted thousands of pilgrimages.Samaipata in Bolivia is one of those ancient mysteries that have been made in huge size and proportion. Known for beautiful carvings of animals, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another heritage site that was a sacred site for Incan people is Tiwanaku. This ruined place of Bolivia is a place of megaliths and temples.

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