Homeowner How To: Creating Cozy Nooks


Some of the best, most appealing home designs include window seats or cozy little reading nooks.

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Some of the best, most appealing home designs include window seats or cozy little reading nooks. Designing one into your home layout is a great way to add visual appeal and beauty to your space.

An easy way to create a cozy corner is to convert an existing closet into a reading nook by putting a storage bench inside, removing the doors and installing a few shelves. You can finish off the bench with some throw pillows or seat cushions to create a great little studying area.

Decorate the converted closet by installing a drapery rod and some fabric panels. You can mount an old fashioned door knob on the wall to use as a decorative hold back for the drapes. With a laptop you can even use the space as a mini office to take care of everyday items or household tasks.

Another way to incorporate a cozy nook is to put a bench in front of a window to create a window seat. By putting bookcases on either side you can create a built in look with the extra cost of customized cabinetry. This look adds real visual appeal to any space and gives you extra seating as well. A small storage bench with a few throw pillows will finish off the look of your room and make your nook feel cozy and inviting.

You can convert an attic space in pretty much the same way to create a little getaway that is tucked away from the daily hustle, where you can escape with a good book or a cup of tea.

Even if you don’t have much space or any empty window areas, you can simply take an armchair and tuck it into an unused corner with a small table and lamp for an appealing little reading nook that is warm and inviting.

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