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Greetings Karaoke fans! This is the place to be to find out what's going on with Karaoke in our part of the world!

I'm here to keep ...

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Greetings Karaoke fans! This is the place to be to find out what's going on with Karaoke in our part of the world!

I'm here to keep you updated on Karaoke events

and places to sing.

If you know of any events I may not have listed, please contact me at:


Are you already a 'seasoned' Karaoke Krooner?

Or have you always
wanted to try it but were too chicken? ;-)

We all have to start

Why not make the year 2000 the year you get up there
and try it out?

There are all types of Karaoke singers. Some of them only like to sing songs by certain artists, others will get up there and try a new song every time. I particularly LOVE these people! Not only do they vary their songs and styles, they also remind us there are some Great songs out there to sing! It's very easy to fall into one or two songs you feel comfortable with and have had a good response to. Getting up there to try a brand new song
can sometimes feel like you're getting up there for the first time all over again! A lot of it can be trial and error.

Hey, we've all been there, we're a forgiving crowd and we all have our off nights.
The thing is to TRY it. I've heard people sing that should truly be getting paid to do it and I've heard some folks who shouldn't be
allowed to get within a mile of human ears if they are planning to sing!
( Make that 5 miles for dogs! )
We still give these troopers credit for getting up there!

If you haven't tried Karaoke, you just may surprise yourself if you give it a shot! Who knows, you may even gain a whole new confidence level...

If you had told me a couple years ago that I would be getting up in front of a room Full of people and singing alone, ( gulp! ) I would have said you were nuts!

Now my friends Vicki and John, who talked me into trying, are saying that they have created a monster!
You know what? They're absolutely right

and I Love them for it!

The first time I tried to sing a solo, I chose a night that my friends were away. I barely knew anyone in the bar. This way I figured that if I bombed, it would be in front of strangers. Up until that time I had only sung with someone else or even a group of people. I was so nervous, I had to leave the microphone on the stand because my hands were shaking so badly! I never sang that song again...I didn't 'bomb', I just wasn't happy with how I sounded or the song choice. That didn't keep me from trying again though. The next time I tried a solo, I chose a song closer to my voice range, my friends were there and the rest is history! You don't have to be a brave, outgoing person to try Karaoke, you just have to have the desire to sing. The rest will follow, Believe Me!

How often have you finished singing a song in your car, shower, stairway ( great acoustics in stairways by the way! ) or even your Auntie Em's laundry room, and caught yourself thinking, "hey, that was really good!"( ? )

Why deprive the rest of us of such talent? Come on out and let us Hear you! Singing in your car, shower, stairway etc. is great but you don't get the rush of hearing the applause after it. ( Well, ok, maybe Good Ol' Aunt Em will cheer you on as she hands you a brownie! )
After you hear that applause the first time, you get hooked! It's also less fattening than getting hooked on those darned brownies! :~O

Why not stop the 'Air Karaoke' and give the real thing a chance? Let me know how it works out!

If you have a fun Karaoke story to tell or a question about Karaoke, drop me a line.

OK, having said that,

let's get down to the business at hand shall we?


We are planning a

Karaoke Singer Convention

at The Nassau Coliseum!!!

It is


that you let me know if you are interested in attending!!!

This event happening


on the Response given!

If YOU would like to attend, Please


with your name and address so I can put you on the mailing list!

Wouldn't you love to


Tell your friends and have them e-mail me too!

Let's MAKE this Happen!!!



C'mon, you know you're aching to see how it feels to sing up on that stage....


We had a very nice time at the Karaoke dance.

I had the pleasure of being one of the judges
this time!

( Pressure of a different kind! )

Ooooh, such power! :~P

Double G Promotions,Inc. has MANY plans for Karaoke events this year and I will let you know about them as we get closer to them.
I am in touch with Double G and only the people that respond will be put on the
mailing list and be invited to go.

Later on this summer,(Sept.) there will be a

Karaoke Cruise

along our beautiful southern shoreline!

I will enter more information very soon!

Karaoke in the open sea air...sounds heavenly to me!


OK, that should get you up to speed on what is going on with Karaoke on Long Island!

So how about you get out there and

show the world what you've got!

Just click on the link at the bottom of this page where it says

'For More Information'

and it will take you to


pages of listings of where to sing in our area! Have Fun! :~)


Do you have a Favorite 'KJ' that just seems to make your night out singing that much more special?

Anyone can 'run' a Karaoke night, some KJ's just have that special touch that keeps you coming back for more!

How about voting for your favorite?

Think about what sets them apart from the others and why. Contact me at:


Let me know the persons name, where they KJ at and what night. Please also add why you think this person should win the contest, even if it's just, "they make me smile!"

Send in your votes now for

The Best KJ
on Long Island!

Think about it, get together some information on this wonderful person and ask your friends to do the same. Lets give something back to the people who 'feed' our Karaoke 'addiction' so nicely!


Keep those vocal chords tuned and I'll see you out there on the circuit!

You can't miss me, I'm the one with the Cowboy Hat on! :~D

Until next time,

"sing one for me!"