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Are you looking for a new home for the rusty old clunker parked in your driveway?
Do you keep telling yourself you’d get the yard in shape if you could first get rid of the pile of scrap metal?
Maybe you need to salvage a part for your vehicle?
Each year tons of cars and appliances are scrapped on Long Island.  Which is a good thing, because leaving old appliances to rust in the rain isn’t good for your grass, our drinking water, or your family and neighbors who can’t stand the sight of it.  
Long Island has dozens of scrap and salvage yards where you can find pieces to fix your car, or sell an out-of-service vehicle or appliance for its raw material value.  You can check here for daily updates on scrap metal prices.  Conveniently located throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, you’ll never have to travel far on long Island to find a scrap metal.
Get your garage and house in working order by scrapping all that old and unneeded metal. You will simultaneously be responsibly disposing of household trash, recycling waste materials and making a few bucks.  There’s never been a great incentive to visit the local scrap yard!
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