Melville 4th-grader Honored for Fundraiser to Benefit Local Shelter

Rebecca Tripoli used money raised to purchase items for families in need.

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Rebecca Tripoli (center front) and Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci (center back) with Rebecca’s mother (Sara), father (Frank), grandparents, aunt, uncle and two cousins. Photo: Town of Huntington.

A 4th-grader from Melville was given honors for raising money to purchase supplies for families in local shelters. According to a press release on the Town of Huntington website, 9-year-old Rebecca Tripoli researched local shelters’ websites to find out what they needed. Share then made a list and went shopping with the $140 she had collected.


“Rebecca represents the best of the greater Huntington community,” said Town Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “Not only did she selflessly think of others during the holiday season, which can be a tough time for many, especially those in need, but she did something about it and made an impact at our shelters and in the hearts of many across our community.”


Lupinacci presented a proclamation from the Huntington Town Board to Rebecca outside her home to honor her for her efforts.


“I felt grateful that my life was great, and I thought of the homeless people that had nothing. So I bought groceries to give them something,” said Rebecca, who purchased fruit cups, ramen noodles, black beans, candy canes, pasta, canned vegetables, chicken soup, water and juice boxes, diapers, baby lotion, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and shaving cream.


The items were donated to the Family Service League.


Rebecca's mother Sara said that Rebecca knew candy canes weren’t on the list but she wanted to do something to make the children smile around Christmas.


"Rebecca’s father and I really are proud that she came up with the idea to help people less fortunate than her,” she said. “We talk about this together a lot, that there are people right here in our community and in her school that don’t have enough food to eat, or even a place to live. She has a big heart and also a lot of ambition, and decided to do something about it.”