Moriches Elementary School Thanks a Veteran

In honor of Veterans Day, students in Christine Weldon's second-grade class at Moriches Elementary School created a care package for PFC Dominick Rodriguez (USMC), the brother of Paiton Muens.

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Moriches, NY -  November 8th, 2013 - In honor of Veterans Day and to recognize a young man currently serving in the United States military from our community, students in Christine Weldon’s second-grade class at Moriches Elementary School in the William Floyd School District, selected a special U.S. Marine to send a care package to: PFC Dominick Rodriguez, the brother of Paiton Muens, a student in Mrs. Weldon’s class.

The care package includes cards that the students wrote for PFC Rodriguez thanking him for his service and wishing him well; an assortment of snacks; and a special essay that Paiton wrote about her brother on the topic of “a person that I admire.”

PFC Rodriguez, a member of the William Floyd High School class of 2013, graduated from the USMC School of Infantry training in September and is now serving as an 0311 Rifleman. Next year he is scheduled to head overseas and travel to Japan, Australia, Thailand, Africa and the Philippines. He is one of several members of his family who have served in the military.


Pictured: Students in Christine Weldon’s class with the contents of the care package that they have sent to PFC Dominick Rodriguez, USMC. Paiton Muens (center), PFC Rodriguez’s sister, holds a card and a picture of her brother.