$10,000 in Cash Prizes at “The Last Hurrah” Shoot-Out Tuna Tournament in Montauk


Register now for September 27- October 12.

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Montauk, NY - September 12, 2013 -  Ten thousand dollars in cash prizes is being offered at The “Last Hurrah” Tuna Tournament sponsored by Montauk Marine Basin and White Water Outfitters, on September 27 thru October 12. Only 50 boats can participate and registration is open now.

“This is the last of the big Montauk fishing tournaments this year and one of the most highly competitive,” says Carl Darenberg, owner, Montauk Marine.

It is a 16 day competition that participants can fish up two 20 hour day trips or up to one 40 hour overnight trip during that period. Prize categories are: Yellow Fin Tuna, True Albacore Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Mako Shark, Mahi Mahi, Heaviest Tuna, and Heaviest Swordfish. The overall winner of the most points wins $2,500.

The action is expected to be hot around the 100-square of the Hudson Canyon and across the continental shelf area as far east as the Fish Tails. Tuna Fishermen descend on these grounds every year to enjoy the thrilling competitive feel of this tournament. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday October 13th at The Hula Hut at Montauk Marine, West Corner, with free beer, clams and oysters. Spectators are welcome to come down to the dock and watch the daily weigh-ins, which start around 2 p.m.

For rules and to register, visit Montauk Marine Basin’s website:



Visit the MMB Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/marinebasin