Master Naturalist Training Deepens Knowledge of Long Island's Natural Areas.

The Fall 2013 Quality Parks Master Naturalist builds natural history skills, recreational know how, and a heightened awareness and appreciation of the great outdoors. Two exciting hubs: North Shore to the Pine Barrens and the ...

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Brookhaven, NY - August 19th, 2013 - Flexible, fun, and rewarding, the Quality Parks Master Naturalist builds natural history skills, recreational know how, and a heightened awareness and appreciation of the great outdoors. From high school seniors to college students, from professionals to retirees, the Quality Parks Master Naturalist successfully accommodates varied interest levels. Be naturally intelligent.


The Fall 2013 Schedule includes two exciting training hubs: Brookhaven's North Shore to the Pine Barrens (NS/PB) and the Carmans River (CR), a major Long Island Scenic River and also home to the USFWS Wertheim Preserve (see dates below). Quality Parks (a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charity since 2000) and a growing list of Cooperators (such as Coastal Steward, Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists, Long Island Sierra Club, and Ridge Civic Association) are offering this ultimate go-to for Long Islanders.


In order to complete the Quality Parks Master Naturalist Program, you must finish 45 hours of Course Work, 20 hours of guided relevant service opportunities, and meaningful homework.  Course work includes: Orientation, Graduation, and six Sessions (I-VI) on a variety of natural history and recreational topics. Upon completion of these standardized requirements, you are certified by Quality Parks and its Cooperators to be QP Master Naturalist. Training is fun, flexible and rewarding. Local expert instructors provide practical, hands-on activities through a series of field and classroom experiences. Study Nature, and more importantly, actively protect Long Island's natural heritage for future generations.


Fall 2013 Schedule

Select from Carmans River (CR) or North Shore to Pine Barrens (NS/PB) Hubs:

  • Orientation (9/3 - 7-8 pm) or Schedule Your Own
  • Long Island Explorer (CR-9/7 ; NS/PB-9/14)
  • LI Geology & Plant Communities (CR-9/14; NS/PB-10/19)
  • Freshwater Wetlands & Conservation (CR-10/5; NS/PB-11/2)
  • Trails, Greenways & Sustainability (NS/PB-10/6; CR-10/12)
  • Wildlife of Long Island (CR- 11/9; NS/PB-11/17)
  • Marine Ecology (NS/PB-9/28; CR-11/16)
  • Graduation (12/10 - 7-9 pm)

Start anytime.


Students can complete guided relevant service (20 hours) and meaningful homeworkrequirements prior to course work sessions. Startup packages begin at $350/4 months, or $75/month. Formore information, contact Mindy Block at 631-473-6760 or visit us at