Riding the Heat Wave - Long Island's Extreme Weather Brings Challenges with Every Season


Long Island weather... From one extreme to another!

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Don’t like the heat? Just remember that the weather has done a complete 180 from just a few short months ago! Winter Storm Nemo delivered a wintry mess for Long Islanders, with many area’s getting well over a foot of snow, leaving 10,000 utility customers without power in the tri-state area. Heavy winds made it extremely cold, and I bet you thought nothing could get worse. 
Well guess again, because just five months after that massive blizzard, we all had to suffer through a week-long, scalding heat wave. The National Weather Service had announced a heat advisory through the end of the last week because of the relentlessly high temperatures. Across Long Island, air conditioners were being cranked to the coolest degree, because let’s just face it, when you walked outside it felt like you are walking into a oven. 
So what’s the big deal with Long Island’s weather? For one thing, it’s always an adventure to figure out what to wear. The majority of the country does not have 90 degree summers and less than 15 degree winters, while still managing to maintain a 95 percent humidity level without raining. One good thing about Long Island is that at least we can beat the heat at the beaches in the summer. 
The blistering heat is painful at times and the frozen winters are not so much better, but what happened to all four seasons? It seems that Long Island missed out on the Spring weather this year, you know the weather that is breezy and enjoyable. But that is what makes Long Island, Long Island! 
Just because the heat has somewhat simmered down, doesn't mean it is over. This week, there will be a return of more frequent showers and thunderstorms - while this may keep the high temperatures at bay, it creates the potential for localized flash flooding on Long Island, and throughout the tri-state area. The humidity will be making a return as well, while the thunderstorms linger to the East Coast. It might not all be fun in the sun, but the drastic change between humid summer days and sunshowers is becoming the norm for Long Island.
Make sure to stay safe during these hot hot summer days!