Suffolk Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff Rescue Loose Horse Sunrise Highway

The horse had escaped from Rockaby Farms in Brookhaven after a tree fell and damaged the horse’s pen.

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SCPD Officer Matthew Siesto with Oppie the horse.

Photo by: Suffolk County Police Department

A Suffolk County police officer and Suffolk County deputy sheriff rescued a horse on Sunrise Highway that had escaped from a Brookhaven farm.
Highway Patrol Officer Matthew Siesto responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a horse running on westbound Sunrise Highway between exits 57 and 56 in Brookhaven at 7:27 a.m. The horse had escaped from Rockaby Farms, located at 44 Yaphank Avenue, Brookhaven, after a tree fell and damaged the horse’s pen. Officer Siesto was flagged down by the horse’s caretaker Erin Easop who got into the patrol vehicle. The horse was observed in the westbound median and then started traveling in the eastbound median. Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff Patrice Silvestri was on the eastbound side and was able to grab the horse at 7:33 a.m.
After Easop secured the horse with a halter, she and Officer Siesto walked the 30-year-old thoroughbred horse named Oppie back to the farm.