Keep Your Children and Loved Ones Safe This Summer With These Pool Safety Tips

A pool can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the day on a lazy summer afternoon, but can also be the source of danger if you're not careful.

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Photo by: leoleobobeo

When the balmy summer months set in, one thing most everyone enjoys doing to escape the heat is to immerse themselves in the cool, refreshing waters of any swimming pool that they can find, being it a public establishment or one located in the backyard of a friend or neighbor.
A pool can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the day on a lazy summer afternoon, but unfortunately, they can also be the source of a plethora of dangers to your health and well-being if you're not careful. As a matter of fact, accidents at swimming pools are one of the leading causes of death for Americans, especially when it comes to young children; according to a recent report released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 3,500 unintentional drowning deaths took place in the United States between the years of 2005 and 2014, with a significant percentage of those deaths occurring among children under the age of 14.
So, to help you keep your friends and loved ones safe and sound during a time of year when everyone should only be concerned with having a good time, we'd like to offer a series of tips that should be adhered to at all times when you're in or around a swimming pool.
  • Never leave a child unattended in or near water. Always make sure you keep an eye on your kids when they are near water, and always make sure that they have adult supervision. A good idea is to designate at least one adult to be the official “Water Watcher,” which would be someone who keeps their eyes on all children in the water without any distractions, such as reading or playing with their phone. Even in instances where a lifeguard is present, parents should still appoint a Water Watcher just in case.
  • Teach children how to swim. It's not only fun, but it can save their life! Many schools and local organizations offer free or reduced-price swimming lessons, and teaching your children how to swim is a vital lesson that will serve them well their entire life.
  • Always make sure your pool is secure. One of the leading causes of fatal pool drownings is from children wandering into an empty pool that has not been properly secured. Make sure that you have a fence surrounding your entire pool area, one with a gate that can be locked to ensure that unwanted visitors are unable to gain access. Installing an alarm for the fence is also advisable, in addition to keeping your pool covers in proper working order. Also, make sure that there are no objects nearby that kids  can use to climb on in order to circumvent your fence.
  • Teach children to stay away from drains, and make sure that any pool you visit has a compliant drain cover. Children have died from drowning due to suction entrapment from faulty drain covers. All pools should have safety standard-compliant drain gates or covers to avoid horrific incidents such as this. Also, teach your children not to play or swim near drains or suction outlets, and never allow them to enter a pool that has a loose or missing drain cover.
  • Become certified in administering CPR on both adults and children. Learning CPR can help you save a life, especially when it comes to aiding a drowning victim. Many local hospitals, community centers, and libraries offer CPR certification classes, so it's all a matter of just looking up the schedule and making an appointment to attend one.
  • Make sure you have the proper safety equipment with you at all times. Keeping life-saving flotation devices around to throw to a struggling swimmer can make the difference between life and death. In addition, make sure you have easy access to a cell phone in case you need to add a contact the authorities for any reason, and make sure you keep an abundance of water around, as heightened physical activity in water can surprisingly dehydrate anyone far more quickly than they realize. Also, it pays to have someone nearby who is knowledgeable in basic first aid and CPR.
Summer should be a time of fun, excitement, and relaxation, and by following these simple tips – as well as exercising a little common sense – it's easy to avoid tragedy; instead, you can just concentrate on enjoying your time with your friends, family, and loved ones on a hot summer day.
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