Cuomo’s Press Conference Notes

Cuomo’s Press Conference Notes….

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- Any situation in public where you cannot maintain social distancing (6ft.): public transit, crowded streets, etc..

- Possibility for a civil penalty, local gov'ts would enforce, but doesn't want to get to a penalty, yet.  If people don't follow, there might be a penalty in the future.  Looking for self-enforcement from public.

- NY will coordinate as much as possible with local gov'ts and partner states.  Local governments can have their own rules, but they can't conflict with the state.  If there's a conflict, state laws supersede.

- Question on forceful removal from public transport if mask refused to be worn.  Cuomo stated that we're not there yet, and transitioned into compliance with stay at home initiative.  "How can you not wear a mask" given the facts?

- NOTE: Presentation slide states "All people in public in NY must have mask or mouth/nose covering."  Exec Order will be issued.  Must be worn in situation in which social distancing in not maintained.  3-day notice to allow for compliance.  Goes into effect on Friday.



- State will release as much data as possible, but keeping respect and legal rights to privacy will be kept in mind.  Gov says err on the side of discretion.



- New York City is looking to acquire swabs and vials, etc.  Cuomo is looking to increase testing capacity in labs, all aspects, hoping to reduce competition between purchasers and organize efforts of gov'ts, and companies.

- How do we get the supply chain up - Fed Govt.



- State's goal is to leave parks open.



- Total hospitalizations are down a bit, still in the 18k.

- Net change in hospitalizations is down & three day average is down.

- Intubations are down.

- 2,253 new COVID hospitalizations, up from yesterday's numbers.

- 752 lives lost yesterday.  45 from nursing homes, remainder of number is from hospital reports.

- State will begin reporting all categories of fatalities pursuant to new CDC guidelines.  "Probable deaths" will be included.  State contacting facilities to get updated numbers.

- State looking to get reports of COVID deaths outside of hospitals and nursing homes.

- About 800 people have gone through Javits.

- We are not "reopening", we're going to a different place, taking the "New Normal" mentioned during Monday's multistate announcement.

- Gov reiterates need for clarity on the relationship between responsibilities.  States can achieve reopening, but not testing.

- Phased reopening based on:  How "essential" is business service or product & what is the risk of infection spread of business.

    - What is the next "traunch" of essential businesses.

    - Priorities, More essential and low risk gradient down to less essential and high risk.

- On producing a vaccine: full partnership w/ Fed Govt.  Gov states that this isn't completely over until there is a vaccine.

- Need a place for testing and development, think NY.

- Possibility of medical treatments: convalescent plasma / antibodies / hydroxychloroquine.  It's a medical doctor decision, and if Feds sent more hydroxychloroquine, regs on limiting will be lifted.  NY is testing, and awaiting results.

- Reiterates phased "reopening" with public health as priority.

- Reiterates large scale testing as best tool to get state to reopening.

    - Test, Trace, Isolate: massive undertaking.  "We need an army to trace."  Need Feds as partner.

    - Diagnostic testing / antibody testing / saliva testing / finger prick testing / blood sampling are in development.

    - Testing equipment is needed

    - Testing sites in hospital are less than ideal, drive-thru better.

    - Testing labs?

    - We can't do large scale testing yet.  We need federal support.

- Testing is basically provided by private sector companies.

- Companies need massive amounts of equipment, they need massive lab capacity, and massive amounts of chemical agents.

- NYS will coordinate statewide testing: 228 labs

- Gov likens testing capacity need to that of ventilators at start of response.  Gov states "no one is to blame," effort is now how do we do it.

- DOH developed their own antibody testing; no need for private lab.

- 2,000 per day tested via finger prick.

- Asked FDA to approve test to bring up to 100,000 a day.

- Testing will be prioritized for healthcare workers, first responders, essential workers.  Highlights specifically: 1199SEIU, NYPD and NYSNA (Nurses Assoc.).

- Need PPE and testing.

- Cuomo reiterated that states and the Feds are competing for tests, same as they had been for PPE and ventilators.

- In order to meet the needs for testing, etc., state governments need funding.

- NY will be giving ventilators:  100 to Michigan, 50 to Maryland.