Hempstead Schools To Partner With Hofstra University, Holding Anti-Bullying Seminar And Self-Esteem Workshop


Hofstra University physician assistant students will visit Hempstead elementary schools to curb bullying and teach self-esteem to local students.

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Photo by: Counselling

Hempstead, NY - March 8, 2018 - Hofstra University and Hempstead Schools will hold an anti-bullying and self-esteem workshop and seminar on Thursday, March 8, 2018 from 11:30AM-3PM. Joined by teachers, administrators, and college students, the seminar will focus on the importance of tolerance and acceptance, while teaching techniques to overcome bullying in a school setting. 
Hempstead students from Front Street Elementary School will listen to speakers and also participate in interactive exercises which are aimed at curbing bullying, identifying what bullying behavior is, and the most effective means of overcoming bullying throughout grade school. The forum will discuss all types of bullying, which includes cyber bullying, where contemporary technology is utilized to demean another individual through the internet. 
According to recent national statistics, over 28% of school students experience bullying, while over 30% of students bullied others during grade school. Seven in ten students believed that they witness bullying in school regularly, and 49% of all students, in grades 4-12, admit to having been bullied over the past month. 
Though the most common type of abuse is verbal and social, physical and cyber bullying also are continuing problems throughout the county. The leading locations for bullying are: 29% of the time spent in the hallway, 23% of the time in the classroom, and 23% of the time in the Cafeteria.