Legislator Lindsay Joins Local Schools To Create Over 3,400 Valentine’s Day Cards For Veterans, Active Service Members


Lindsay: "It is incredibly important to bridge the gap between our youth and our veteran population."

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(L to R): James Wilson Young Middle School Principal Robert Haas, Legislator Bill Lindsay, JWY Middle School Students, Superintendent of Bayport - Blue Point School District Timothy Hearney.

Photo by: Office of Suffolk County Legislator Bill Lindsay III

Holbrook, NY - February 13, 2018 - With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us are planning thoughtful ways to show our loved ones how much they are appreciated, and cared for. Legislator Lindsay’s most recent community initiative aimed to bring a message of kindness, and gratitude to our brave veterans, and active service members. He joined together with fourteen local elementary, and middle schools within the Eighth Legislative District to create Valentine’s Day cards for active and retired members of our military.
“I’d like to thank the local elementary, and middle schools that participated in crafting Valentine’s Day cards, and the eighteen veteran organizations, and active military posts who graciously agreed to distribute cards to their organizations,” said Legislator Lindsay. “It is incredibly important to bridge the gap between our youth and our veteran population. Suffolk County is home to the most veterans in New York State, and it is imperative to teach our youth that we must show them respect and gratitude for the sacrifices they’ve made for our country.  I’m proud of all the students who participated, and I am ecstatic that I was able to distribute over 3,400 Valentine’s Day cards to men and women so deserving of kindness this upcoming holiday.”
This successful community initiative could not have been made possible without the help of the following schools: Academy Street Elementary School, Sylvan Avenue Elementary School, Blue Point Elementary School, James Wilson Young Middle School, Grundy Avenue Elementary School, Hiawatha Elementary School, Merrimac Elementary School, Cayuga Elementary School, Seneca Middle School, Sagamore Middle School, Wenonah Elementary School, Lynwood Avenue Elementary School, Chippewa Elementary School and Cherry Avenue Elementary School.
Superintendent Timothy P. Hearney, Ed. D. of Bayport-Blue Point School District is a strong supporter of Legislator Lindsay’s community initiative.  “Any project that combines service to others and provides an opportunity for our students to showcase their literary abilities is a remarkable initiative and we are so thankful that Legislator Bill Lindsay invited our district to participate in this year's Valentines for Vets project,” said Superintendent Hearney. “I commend our students for their outstanding efforts and contributions – as our three elementary schools and middle school donated between 500 and 600 Valentine’s Day cards for the cause.  It is our collective hope that the recipients of these cards know that we are eternally grateful for their service to our country and are appreciated every day of the year.”
One of Legislator Lindsay’s recipients was Chief Petty Officer Kevin F. Nolan, United States Navy, who distributed Valentine’s Day cards to a Navy Riverine Reserve Unit preparing for deployment. “I would like to personally thank Legislator Lindsay for his selfless act in showing his gratitude to the brave men and women that don the cloth of our great Nation in their effort to protect the freedom which we all have the privilege of enjoying,” said Chief Nolan.  “My Sailors received over 40 Valentine’s Day cards from Legislator Lindsay’s office which they had collected from various schools across Long Island. I can’t express to all of you enough the pride it instills in my Sailors when their fellow countrymen and women take the time out to thank them and show support for their sacrifices. I just want to touch on the word 'support' for a minute: arguably, support is the most important aspect for our military and their families. Support reminds the men and women in uniform of the reason why they decided to serve in the military in the first place. On a personal level, support has kept me going for the fifteen years of my service thus far. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for bringing that feeling back to my Sailors. Some of them are training up now to head overseas for a deployment, so it means even more to them and their families especially now.”
In closing, Chief Nolan graciously stated: “Legislator Lindsay, we know that you have been a huge supporter not only of our military, but also of our youth programs that build future leaders for this country, especially the Navy SEAL LT Michael P. Murphy Sea Cadets. Thank you for your constant effort to support our military and the future of the United States of America, we are ever grateful."
The following veteran organizations, and active duty military stations were recipients of Legislator Lindsay’s initiative:  USS Michael Murphy, Vietnam Veterans Chapter 11, VFW Post 2913, American Legion Post 1146, American Legion Post 651, American Legion Post 155, Airborne Tri Team, Long Island Cares, Northport VA, US Coast Guard Station – Babylon, US Coast Guard Station – Shinnecock, Beacon House, Long Island State Veterans Home, The Veterans Place, Veterans Center Services, Sons of AMVETS Post 48, a Navy Riverine Reserve Unit preparing for deployment, and a deployed platoon in Kuwait.