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Craigslist is the largest classifieds site on the net with over 50,000,000 new classifieds posted monthly generating roughly 20 billion page views per month. Although Craigslist is a national website there are specific areas of the site for most regions. The section specifically for the Long Island market can be found by visiting

General Users

Craigslist has categories for virtually everything you could possibly want to sell and includes discussion forums, community message boards yet it is most popular for its classifieds, specifically its jobs and automotive categories. The majority of postings on the site are free while a handful of business related categories require a small fee per post. The service was originally founded in 1995 by then New Jersey resident Craig Newmark. The service grew to massive popularity and was incorporated in 1999 as Craigslist Inc. Its current headquarters is in San Francisco, California.

High Volume

Craigslist offers an API service for high-volume multi-ad posters for particular areas of the website. Due to the success and visitor traffic of Craigslist classifieds, Long Island Media Inc., the owners and operators of, have chosen to utilize Craigslist’s API Bulk Posting Interface for all auto dealer customers who utilize our used cars listings either on and/or For instance, any auto dealers who advertise in the automotive section have the option of utilizing our Craigslist Automotive Posting Service.

If you are an AUTO DEALERSHIP and you’re looking for help getting your vehicles included on Craigslist through our bulk posting API service please call us at 631-406-4410 x203.

Important Disclaimer:  Long Island Media Inc., the owners and operators of, are not endorsed by Craigslist, nor do we provide information on behalf of Craigslist. Our relationship with Craigslist’s API Bulk Posting Interface is one of public use. Furthermore, while the information on this page is deemed accurate, it is not guaranteed, and is for consumer’s informational purposes only. Please see our terms of service regarding content on this site. The Craigslist name and logos are registered trademarks of Craigslist Inc.

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