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Victoria Carillo, DVM
Reiki Master, Certified Medium* and Minister
Loving your pet as our own
We offer traditional  veterinary services, including  routine examinations,  vaccinations,  laboratory diagnostics, and  conventional treatments.  A wide array of holistic modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic, nutritional consultations, homeopathy, and more are available.
We will also do our best to  listen to any specific concerns there may be,  review test results, and offer an alternative perspective and/or provide other options that you possibly weren't previously aware of.  We have working relationships with other well known holistic veterinarians when further consultation , advice, or treatments are indicated. We can refer one to conventional or specialized veterinary hospitals for further diagnostics, such as radiography or ultrasounds, if necessary.
We feel that strongly that many of our animal  friends and their human counterparts would feel best supported by a veterinary service that offered these things. We also believe there are many in need of help with home hospice and or nursing care.
We offer counseling  and guidance utilizing both  objective criteria as well as subjective opinion garnered  from almost 20 years’ veterinary  experience to help one discern when it may indeed be ‘time’ to help  an animal friend ‘cross over.’ Please keep in mind we will not ever force anyone to make any decisions that don't feel right.
When it has been agreed upon and/ or  one is at peace with this decision, we will assist the  animal friend with his or her transition  with as much loving support and reverence as possible. A brief prayer or even a more ceremonial process is usually available upon request, if the situation deems it feasible. It may also be possible to have a pawprint of your loving animal companion if requested ahead of time.
We also offer and have available healing services for animal guardians, such as Reiki and other forms of healing and counseling.  Quite often, an animal companion and the human(s) who love the animal, have similar afflictions and/ or imbalances. Even the most challenging or uncomfortable of circumstances often can be made into opportunities to help us heal,evolve and grow to our highest and best selves.  Many people have also noted that animal companions are often sent or are the ones to choose their human guardian(s.)  We believe it wise to be mindful that we are all in each other's lives for many more reasons than can be dreamt of in our philosophies!
Please call between the hours of 10am and 8 pm M,T,Th,Fri, Sat. for an appointment at 516-353-7186.

*mediumship services , card readings and ministerial services / counseling available on request.

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