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Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some helpful hints for sticking to your resolutions!

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The New Year is right on the horizon which means it’s time to start coming up with those New Year’s resolutions! If you haven’t already come up with a few potential resolutions yet you should check out these New Year’s resolutions that you can actually stick to, but if you have already come up with your resolutions, you’ll now need to come up with a plan for how to stick to them and accomplish them. Also, before making your New Year’s resolutions, make sure it’s something that you want, and not something someone else wants for you. If your goal is not truly something you want for yourself, then there will be less of a chance that you will stick with it and succeed.

Choose Your Resolution Wisely. Not only do you need to make sure your resolution is something you want for yourself, but you need to make sure your resolution is actually attainable. It’s great to think big but too often we rev ourselves up for something that isn’t really plausible then go down hard on ourselves afterwards for not being able to complete our goal.

Go Public With It. If you’re vocal about your goal and start telling people about it, then you can be held accountable for it and that will be a good driving force for sticking with it. Telling your family and friends gives you a support system too. They can help you towards your goals and encourage you!

Progress With Steps. Resolutions that you can breakdown into steps are the best types of resolutions to make. Don’t make your resolution to lose 50 pounds, make your resolution to eat healthier, get to the gym twice a week, track your caloric intake daily, and keep moving up from there until you eventually achieve your end goal.

Don’t Give Up. You are going to mess up, you’re only human, but the important thing is that you don’t give up! After your bad day, just get back on that horse the next day and press on towards your goals.

Reward Yourself. You can’t live your life constantly by a rigid schedule! Make sure you factor in off-days so you can have some fun and switch things up every once in awhile.

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