Adding Some Christmas Cheer Into Your Wedding!

Looking to add some Christmas themes into your wedding? Check out these tips!

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Winter weather is finally here which means Christmas is getting achingly close! The decorations are up in the mall and the masses are out shopping for early deals on Christmas gifts. Everyone loves the holidays and its no surprise that many like to include some holiday tradition into their wedding. But what is the best way to do so? There is a fine line between giving a nod to the holiday season and having it be the overall theme. WIth Christmas, there are tons of little ways to include the holiday into your big day. 

Wedding favors are some of the best ways to bring a little Christmas cheer into your wedding day. One idea would be to give personalized Christmas ornaments out to your guests, You can easily get ornaments painted with the date of your wedding or engraved with a monogram of your initials. Guests will love the personal touch and you can be sure that they will remember your wedding every year when they are putting up the Christmas trees! You can also give a Christmas scented candle (check out Yankee Candle, they have tons of different Christmas scents) wrapped and with a personal sticker on it. Everyone loves lighting up a Christmas candle to start feeling festive! If you want to give everyone a little treat to take home, think about giving away a red velvet cupcake with a cream cheese frosted bow on top! It will look just like a little Christmas gift!

Another way to incorporate Christmas into your wedding would be through your wedding cake. There are so many creative Christmas wedding cake ideas out there its hard to choose just one! One of my personal favorites would be the wedding cake made out of a ton of little wedding gifts. Its really an adorable idea that shows off some serious baking prowess. You can also take a vanilla iced cake that has ivy and poinsettias laced up the side of the cake. Think about using big red Christmas flowers and garland, your guests will love it!