Kickin' it Old School: Planning a Retro Style Wedding!

Turn back time on your wedding day by planning a retro themed celebration!

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Add some old fashioned fun into your wedding planning by throwing a retro styled party to celebrate tying the knot! A retro wedding is perfect for those who enjoy old school things and want to incorporate these kind of details into their big day. 
To begin your planning, first choose if you would like to represent a certain decade or if you are going to aim for a general retro theme. For example, some couples may like the 50’s era more while others may want to do something more from the 20’s or 30’s. Once you have figured this out, the real planning can begin. If you need some help getting started, check out the recommendations below!
Save the Dates
Send out your save the dates months in advance so your guests can prepare for your old school shindig! A cute way to let your friends and family know your wedding date is to take photos in front of a movie theater. Ask the movie theater ahead of time to put a day aside early in the morning before there are movies playing and have them use the lettering on their display to spell out your names and date! This is a unique way to send out your save the dates and it will represent your theme perfectly!
Wedding Party
Incorporate retro details into your wedding party by having your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear something that represents your theme. Popular looks from back in the day include bright red lipstick, polka dot dresses that stop at the knee and some chunky heels to go with it. As for their hair, many women liked to wear it up and to one side of their face, creating a classy yet sexy look. For the men of the wedding party, have them wear suspenders under their tuxedo jacket and slick back their hair to add a cool touch that will complete the outfit.
Your professional photos are important because they are the key to re-living your wedding day! You will look at them for years to come as you, your friends and family remember a wonderful evening. There are some photographers out there that specialize in vintage type photos that would be perfect to go with your retro theme. Take photos in old diners, sipping on some milkshakes or in front of classic cars. There are so many poses you can do, such as having your photographer capture you both in the car driving or from far away. If you’re taking some photos before your wedding day, make sure you dress the part, too! 
Purchase some mini vintage gumball machines to give out to each one of your guests. These were popular back in the day and certain colors such as light blue or yellow will make it look more old school. Use a ribbon to attach a card to the machine, complete with your names and wedding date. Another cool idea is to get the wedding information engraved on the bottom of the gumball machine! 
An additional favor idea for a retro wedding is to give out mini vinyl records. These were extremely sought-after decades ago before there were CD’s and iPods. Purchase your own personalized stickers with your wedding information on them and stick them to the middle of the record. These can be used as some cool wall decor, or you can fill them up with songs from your wedding! 
Grand Exit
Your grand exit will be a memorable part of your wedding day so be sure to go all out! Rent an old classic car to drive away in after your wedding reception and hang some cans from the back to complete the “Just Married” look. Be sure to tell your photographer in advance to get a bunch of different shots of the car, before and after you get in it. This is a unique way to leave your ceremony rather than using the traditional limousine or party bus. 
Have a retro styled wedding idea you would like to share? Comment below!