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Throw an Amazing “Frozen” Themed Birthday Party with These Hot Ideas!

"Let it go!" and go all out with these hot ideas for a "Frozen" themed birthday party!

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Just judging by the recent Halloween costumes strutting the streets, Disney’s “Frozen” has a huge fan base. And if your little one’s birthday is coming up, you can probably guess what type of birthday theme party she wants.

With the cooler weather and the holiday season approaching, a Frozen-inspired birthday party can be lots of fun with these hot ideas, from snacks, crafts and activities to hairstyles!

No party is complete without some munchies! Find inspiration for a Frozen theme with simple ingredients like marshmallows, white chocolate, carrot sticks and pretzels.

  • Snowball Pops: Place jumbo marshmallows on a stick and dip it in white chocolate for white sprinkles to adhere to it. Tie a blue ribbon to the stick and the snow element to the party is fulfilled.
  • Olaf Nose Carrot Sticks: Pour a bag of mini carrot sticks into a blue colored bowl and it’ll play towards one of the most adorable characters in the film.
  • Frozen Colored M&M’s: Add customized blue, light blue and white colored M&M’s in a candy bowl, mixed with other snacks like pretzels or fill up party favor baggies with the candies and the color elements of the film will come through at your party.
  • Snow Covered Pretzels: Mix in mini marshmallows with your mini pretzel sticks. It’ll give the look of a snow covered forest in a bowl.
  • Rock Candy: Get some clear or light blue colored rock candies on a stick to add to the Frozen theme.
  • Pretzel Wands: Create blue chocolate coated pretzel wands with a few simple ingredients. Get the full direction and recipe from
  • Glitter Grapes and Other Fruits: Add a Frozen theme to normal fruits with the mix of Jello powder. See an example and directions from Lifewithmoorebabies.

Keep the little ones busy and entertained at the party with simple activities and crafts inspired by one of the favorite characters in the film.

  • Olaf Shopping Bag: Take plain white party bags and allow kids to glue on Olaf’s features to the front of the bag. You’ll need stick-on eyes, orange construction paper or foam sheets to cut out triangle-shaped noses and brown construction paper or foam sheets to cut out branch arms and hair strands. Use a marker to draw on a mouth and three black circle buttons below the mouth.
  • Pin The Carrot on Olaf: Playing off of the classic game of Pin The Tail on the Donkey, let’s pin the carrot on Olaf! Get a free printable of Olaf and carrot nosed at (Watch out for those confusing ads on screen with the word Download. The real Download button is at the bottom and does not have an “X” at the top right corner of the image.) 
  • Make Paper Snowflakes: Making a paper snowflake is easy and all you need is paper and a pair of scissors. Find easy steps to follow at You can also have the kids add glitter to the snowflake by applying glue to one side of the snowflake, smoothing out the glue with a sponge and then sprinkling the surface with glitter. Shake off excess glitter and kids will have a sparkling snowflake to take home. It can also be turned into a Christmas tree decoration, just loop in a piece of yarn to the snowflake for hanging.

Frozen Hairstyles
If you have a birthday gal, complete her look with anyone of these hairdos featured on main characters Elsa or Anna. Video tutorials are provided by Mindy from Disney Styles.

Photo by Pikawil, via Wikimedia Commons under CC Attribution-Share 2.0.