Tips & Tricks for a Safe & Happy Halloween

As the end of October is quickly approaching, everyone has at least one thing to look forward to: Halloween.

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As the end of October is quickly approaching, everyone has at least one thing to look forward to: Halloween. A month’s worth of anticipation culminates on the 31st for one of the most beloved, and fun holidays of the year – it is important at this time that we remember that will all of the festivities, and goblins & ghouls running around that we remember to be safe, and keep out of harm’s way. We’ve put together a few sets of tips for you to ensure you have a safe and fun Halloween this year:


For Trick-or-Treaters

  • Always travel a group, and do not wander away from the group of people you are with.
  • If you are not with a parent, make sure to bring your cell phone, and school identification with you, in case there should be an emergency situation.
  • Try and find a well-lit neighborhood to trick-or-treat in, and only approach houses that have a porch light on. Only accept treats on the doorstep, and do not enter a strangers’ home.
  • Make sure to bring a flashlight so you are easily seen at night by motorists, and so that you can easily see the street or sidewalk you are walking on.
  • Always cross the street at corners, and make sure to look both ways for oncoming traffic before crossing – you may be in the “blind spot” of motorists, so always be aware of oncoming traffic. Try to utilize a sidewalk if available.
  • Do not cut across yards, or driveways – there may be obstacles you do not see that could cause you to trip.
  • Do not approach any animals you do not know – a dog might seem friendly at first, but may be afraid of your costume if you get closer to it.

For Parents

  • Make sure you have a detailed description of the costume your child is wearing, and if they are trick-or-treating without parental supervision, make sure that you know what neighborhood they will be in.
  • Make sure that your child has his/her cell phone on them at all times, so you can check in with them, and they can contact you, should there be an emergency. Also, get the phone numbers of the friends your child will be trick-or-treating with, should you be unable to reach your child.
  • Go through all of the treats your child has collected for the evening, and check to make sure they are in unopened wrappers before letting the kids go through the loot.
  • If you have small children, make sure to take out any of the small, hard candy that they may choke on.
  • Make sure to establish a curfew for your child to be home at.

For Home Owners Welcoming Trick or Treaters

  • Make sure to keep your pets in an area blocked off from the front door – pets can get scared on Halloween from the noises, costumes, and constant visitors. For the safety of your pet and the trick-or-treaters, keep Fido inside for the evening.
  • Make sure your yard and driveway are free of ladders, debris, and breakables – although Trick-or-Treaters are encouraged not to cut across yards and driveways, they often do, and you do not want anyone to trip over their costume or your belongings.
  • If possible, use battery powered lights for jack-o-lanterns and displays – flames can be a danger to long, flowing costumes. If you do use real candles, make sure to keep them a safe distance from the door, and any decorations you may have hanging.
  • Bring any breakable lawn decorations inside for the evening, you may have the occasional ghoul passing through your yard on Halloween Night.

These tips were put together to help ensure that everyone has a fun, and safe Halloween – we hope they will help you to prepare for your Happy Hauntings!