Equality For All


During the month of August thousands of Americans from around the country gathered in Boston for the Democratic Convention. During that same month, thousands of Americans from around the country gathered in New York City ...

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During the month of August thousands of Americans from around the country gathered in Boston for the Democratic Convention. During that same month, thousands of Americans from around the country gathered in New York City for the Republican National Convention. Each gathering waxed eloquent with what they are going to do for America if their respective party is elected or re-elected to lead us. The rich, the famous and the most powerful on both sides of the political aisle took to the podium to challenge, inspire and engage Americans.

On paper, Democrats and Republicans look very different. Clearly, there is a different emphasis when it comes to the nation's social agenda. However, too often the end result is the same, no matter who is in power.
Presently, certain political issues are paralyzing the nation. At the moment we are unsettled as a nation. We are divided on the issue of war and defense. Our social agenda, at best, is impaired. The economy is limping. Educational improvements are crawling along. Good jobs with just wages are hard to come by. Comprehensive health care is still beyond affordable for the average American. Our criminal justice system needs reform. Our social welfare system continues to set people up for failure.

This election year is critical. Everyone who can vote should. We need to challenge both parties to stop hiding behind empty rhetoric and high drama. We need those running for public office, from the Presidency on down to local community elections, to address the real human needs of the American people.

The script for both parties is void of any real social responsibility for the American people. Both parties tend to favor the rich and famous. Few in either party speak the language of inclusion or show any real commitment to the voiceless.

Who are the voiceless? They are single mothers in need of health care and day care. They are drug addicts from functional as well as dysfunctional families who do not have access to competent, long-term treatment to empower long-term recovery. They are the young who are dropping out of high school and becoming invisible and/or those who have the desire for higher education but don't have access to the opportunity in the land of opportunity. They are the ex Viet Nam vets who are living in the woods due to mental illness after they have courageously served our nation. They are there because the Veterans Administration needs to be overhauled and become more veteran friendly, especially towards those who are mentally ill and have addiction problems.
They are the materially poor who are often homeless because there is no affordable housing and thus they have no fixed address. They are the growing number of Americans who are incarcerated in our prisons who are shackled by injustice both from within and without.
They are the growing number of undocumented human beings who live in limbo in this country because our immigration policies are so inhumane. Many among our undocumented want to pay taxes, want to make a positive contribution and want to have the opportunity, like many of our grandparents, to become American citizens.
They are the growing number of neighbors who work hard from paycheck to paycheck to support their families, raise their children and pay taxes just to survive.
They are the growing number of Americans who feel excluded in a land that constantly speaks of diversity and inclusion. These Americans are kicked to the curb because of lifestyle choices, human circumstances, color, religion and politics.

We don't have to agree or support circumstances or situations that conflict with our values or morals. However, we are bound to respect the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for all Americans whether we agree with them or not.

This year both political parties will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to litter our streets with propaganda that will say little concretely about transforming America so that all Americans will have equal access to opportunity. Both parties will hire the best of the best to market this propaganda, to manipulate the truth and to deceive us into believing that what each has to say is the truth and the best way to lead and improve America. They will do that by subtly and overtly trying to blemish the character and integrity of both men running for the Presidency.

Wouldn't it be interesting if both candidates for President declared a moratorium on political literature and media advertisements? Let both parties set a very limited budget to produce a position paper on the issues and circulate it to all Americans. Then let them donate all the other funds to support programs for the poor and the voiceless among us.

Many of you are probably saying, "He's nuts. That will never happen." It may not, but the one thing that still lives in America, probably more than any other nation in the world, is that we can still dream and believe that dreams can happen.

Our nation lives today because our forefathers and mothers believed that one person could make a difference and that equality was for all.

This election those who are running for office will still probably waste millions of dollars on propaganda that will litter our neighborhoods. However, maybe more people will register to vote, take part in this important process, give the voiceless a voice and help to hold those who lead us accountable for where America goes in the future!