Planning a Classy Vintage Tea Party Wedding!

Interested in having an old styled vintage tea party wedding? You've come to the right place! Check out these helpful tips to throw a memorable celebration.

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Independence day has recently passed and America has celebrated to the fullest, but why stop after the 4th? Back in the day, the settings were vintage and the clothes were lacy and full of class. If you’re having a July wedding but want to go a different route besides the classic red, white and blue celebration, choose a vintage tea party theme for your big day!
A vintage tea party theme sets up the perfect setting for an elegant evening for you and your guests. When thinking of a color scheme to go with, soft tones are the best way to go. This can include a lot of neutral colors and light pinks. Another popular vintage item is lace, many weddings with this theme incorporate it into both major and minor details including the wedding dress down to the napkins. If you need some suggestions to begin your planning, check out these inspiring ideas!
Once you choose a color scheme, your wedding invitations are one of the first things you will pick out. Remember to use the charmful soft tones and set it off with a teacup at the top of the invitation, with the wedding information written in an elegant font beneath it. If you are interested in going a step further, send out teacup shaped invites or ones shaped as a kettle! This is a unique idea that will show off your theme. 
Guest Book
This guest book idea will have your guests talking about it for years to come! Set up a typewriter station for your guests to sign in and write their well wishes. Back in the day, there were no computers and if people wanted something typed, they put those old typewriters to use! Along with the typewriter, set up a stack of floral vintage paper for them to use. This idea is quite unique and it will surely be a memorable detail from your wedding. 
Seating Cards
Instead of just using rectangular cards to tell your guests where to be seated, purchase some mini tea cups and attach the card to the handle! Set up a board that requires you to hang up your items and place each tea cup on a different hook. You can mix and match the cups or you can have a few different colors that go nicely with your vintage theme. Once your guests find their seats, they can then use the tea cups to drink their coffee or tea with their tower treats!
For your centerpiece, do something out of the usual and make the center of your tables a spot for a tower of mini sandwich delights! Most use floral arrangements or candles as centerpieces, but these towers of delicious bites will be a huge hit. Decorate the towers in pearls and lace so it emphasizes your theme and fill them up with tiny sandwiches, cookies and cakes. Your guests will be sure to notice these towers as soon as they walk in the door! They’ll especially be happy when they see they get to snack on some treats before the dinner gets served.
While planning out all of your wedding decor, remember to stick to the soft colors but have some details that will make a statement. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, which is popular in the summertime, a cute idea is to hang up tea cups with flowers stuffed inside of them. You can hang them from the fence or from tree branches that surround your party. If you’re having your celebration under a tent, you can even set up something so you can hang them in there, too! 
As your guests enter, have a floral banner delicately hanging in the doorway with your theme colors. You can personalize it if you wish, or you can leave it the way it is, either idea will be a nice addition to your decor. For your tables, decorate them in lots of beautiful lace and even add some to the back of the chairs! You can tie a bow or let it drape down to the floor. 
What vintage tea party wedding would be complete without a coffee and tea station? This won’t be any ordinary station either, set up a couple of gold food carts throughout your party instead of having just one station! Decorate the carts with vintage styled kettles, tea cups, saucers and colorful dollies. Place pearls on the cart and have mini signs reading “Tea time!” This wonderful idea will truly set the victorian-style tea party setting!
For your favors, purchase some small mason jars at a local store (they are quite inexpensive) and fill them up with some tea party essentials. Inside, place some different flavored tea bags with a tiny jar of honey. Another fun way to give out your favors is to put everything in a mug rather than a mason jar. Any wedding favor that your guest can put to use and really enjoy is a wonderful way to go! If you want to personalize your favors, some cute tea party sayings for the couple include: “love is brewing” or “the perfect blend.” You can also use a more general saying such as “drink me!”
These vintage styled suggestions will help you throw an amazing tea party wedding and are sure to make an impact on your guests. The photos will look gorgeous and your details will absolutely stand out and make a lasting impression!
Have a vintage tea party wedding idea you would like to share? Comment below!