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Did You Choose Your Career Or Did It Choose You?

Are you in a career you love? Or, did you get so good at what you have been doing that it became your livelihood? If you are dissatisfied in your career, maybe you are in ...

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Are you in a career you love? Or, did you get so good at what you have been doing that it became your livelihood?

If you are dissatisfied in your career, maybe you are in the wrong one. We all have a purpose for being on this planet, and you might not be living yours. Dissatisfaction occurs not because you are doing something poorly, but because you are not living up to your fullest potential. You know this is the case when other career choices have been nagging at you, or you have been wondering for a long time why you are not doing something else.

Is It Possible To Make The Change At This Point In Your Career? You Bet It Is! Here Are 7 Steps To Show You How.

1. Believe That You Can Have A Career You Love

This might sound like a silly statement, but many people fight me when I tell them that it is possible to enjoy their work. They tell me they tried once to do something different, and it did not work. So, they gave up. But I know deep down that they wish for something better. Stop wishing and start believing. This first step is enough to move you forward.

2. Stop Waiting For Your Dream Job To Be Handed To You

Have you ever looked around and been jealous of people who are in their dream jobs? (I have.) I spoke to a few and they all had one thing in common; they knew they were tired of being unhappy and decided to do something about it. They took responsibility for what was not working in their careers, and made a decision to change it. They knew that their dream job would not happen by
accident, and they choose to pursue what they wanted. If they could do it, then so can you.

3. Decide What You Want

What do you want your next career to look like? Will it be in the same industry? Or, in different one? Will you have your own business? Or, will you be consulting so you have more time with your family and friends? (And yourself!) Right here is where most people stop dead in their tracks because they wonder how to make it work. Worry about paying bills come into their minds. Doubt about whether anyone will pay them if they switch industries, jobs, etc. circle around in their heads. Yes, these are real concerns. But if you wait until every detail is figured out first, you will be doing what you are doing now for the rest of your life. Decide what you want, and put it on paper. You might be surprised to see that you have just created a pretty good outline for your future.

4. Research And Research More

Use this time to explore the possibilities you see for yourself. Spend time on the Internet, read books, magazines, etc. Act as if there are no obstacles and no way you can fail. Immerse yourself in the excitement of creating your future.

5. Tell Those Who Are Close To You

This is not so they can say I told you so if it does not work out. Telling them about your next career move will keep the idea fresh in your mind. It also becomes more real as you hear it a few times. Plus, you never know where your next great idea or suggestion will come from. Let the people in your life contribute to you as you have been doing for them your whole life. Let them know about the brand new you!

6. Create Attainable Goals

What are your immediate goals? Short term goals? Long-term goals? Creating this list will motivate you if you become overwhelmed. It will also give you perspective if you tell yourself that you should be doing more. By having your priorities and your plan in place, you can focus on the task at hand. Yes, other ideas may present themselves to you, but you can decide if they will further your goal, or deter you. Eliminate what will hold you back, and incorporate what will move your forward.

7. Set A Date

When will you be in your new career? Yes, there will be factors that determine when this actually happens, but giving yourself a specific date produces something to shoot for. For example, when you set a date for your vacation, you live into that future. You make plans and arrangements so you can get away. You visualize yourself having fun and the days leading up to your trip are filled with more fun. The same thing happens in your career. You say when you will have your new career, and you put the actions in place to make it happen. It's powerful stuff but only if you use it.

So what do you say? You spend so much of your time working that you might as well do something that you love!