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Buffalo Sabres, January 27, 2001

A new sight on the ice, from a different view. What are you talking about you say? Well, it was much anticipated game, the NHL debut or our "Goalie of the Future", Rick DiPietro. And ...

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A new sight on the ice, from a different view.

What are you talking about you say? Well, it was much anticipated game, the NHL debut or our "Goalie of the Future", Rick DiPietro. And some of the Islander Experts were treated to this sneak peek from up in a luxury box.

First, the luxury box! We were treated to some luxury box tickets for a birthday present. The elevated ride to the luxury box is very smooth and when those doors open to the upper level, you have no idea you are inside the coliseum. Pictures of the good ole' days and flower arrangements adorn the walls. We walked thru the narrow hallways to our luxury box. We could not stop laughing as we realized we were in the last luxury box - right next to Mike Milbury. (Although it was manned only by the goalie and defensive coach this night). This luxury box was nicer than my apartment. A huge leather couch, bathroom, closet, sink, coffee tables, multiple televisions, and plush chairs. And oh yeah, the Islanders a mere peek away. There were baskets of potato chips, popcorn, chicken tenders, hotdogs, cookies, cheeses and fruits. And of course a stocked fridge with soda and beer. Yeah, I could live here. Just might be a bit of an issue when the BackStreet Boys come to visit in February. The luxury box was very nice, the only issue is that its hard to feel like part of the crowd. All in all, I suggest that if you have the opportunity to sit in a luxury box once, give it a try. It's a whole new perspective on the ice.

Now, onto the Rick! His much-anticipated first NHL game is now over. Not a bad showing, considering he knew that all eyes and cameras were critiquing him. He let in 2 soft 5-hole goals, but considering his nervousness, we'll let it slide. Also the fact that one of them the Islanders were down 5 on 3. He left the game during the 3rd period, with leg cramps caused by dehydration. How embarrassing must that be! Leave your first game because of dehydration. I guess he will make sure during his pregame preparation next time that he has all of his fluids. I was very impressed by his glove hand. Unlike Beezer, the kid can use his hand! It's not an accident when he makes a glove save. Now, onto Beezer. Back spasms? I don't know there... it seems all too coincidental with those reports that he would like to be traded. I know he supposedly shot down the reporter in the locker room, but this is the second time that these reports have come out. Then, DiPietro is called up and PLAYED in lieu of Flaherty. Seems to me like they wanted to see what DiPietro has - if he's got it? Bye Bye Beezer. I can see if they called up DiPietro because Beezer really did have back spasms - but why did they play him instead of Flaherty. Flaherty has played back-to-back games with no problem. I would not mind having something in return for Beezer. I think we could survive without him, even if DiPietro rides the bench.

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