Simple, Sweet Ways to Show Your Spouse You Care

Spouse’s Day is January 26th! Find simple, sweet ways to show you care and appreciation them on this day and every day!

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Spouse’s Day is today – January 26th! This occasion is not so much about gift giving, but simply showing your better half you appreciate them. It doesn’t take a lot to show some appreciation, but even the smallest gestures will mean a lot. Check out these simple, sweet ways to show you care today and every day!

  • Post a loving note.
    Surprise your spouse with a loving message when they least expect it, like when they wake up in the morning and look in the bathroom mirror, when they go to grab their coffee mug or open their wallet. The note could read anything from “I love you,” “Your my sunshine” or some other personal message to make your other half feel special.
  • Change household chores.
    Change up the routine in the household so your spouse gets a break. Instead of your spouse getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, doing the dishes, preparing dinner, taking out the trash or doing the laundry, let them sit back and relax while you handle it.

  • Give a massage.
    After your spouse comes home from work or puts the kids to bed, take her aside to lie down and give her a personal massage.

  • Give a hug.
    Same concept as the massage, under a moment that’s winding down, pull your spouse in and go for a long hug. Nothing needs to be said, just express your love!

  • Write a poem.
    If you find expressing yourself is easier through writing then go for a poem to show how you appreciate your other half or or how you treasure his company.

  • Bake.
    There are so many options to baking – cakes, cupcakes or cookies. Make something you both can enjoy together as a surprise.

  • Take a romantic walk.
    Good or bad weather just go for a stroll together and enjoy the moment you have together with each other. Reminisce about some of the good-old times, too.

  • Tidy up.
    Is there an area your spouse has complained about day in and day out about being messy that he just hasn’t had a chance to get to? Surprise him and tidy it up for him. For ex., the home office desk, his closet or the garage.

In the rush of an everyday routine, we all can forget to show the closest people we care about our appreciation, so keep these simple, sweet ideas in mind! These ideas may also come in handy with Valentine’s Day around the corner.

Photo by am y, via Free Images.