Lindisfarne-The best holy island

Durham Cathedral is the best known church for the Christianity in linidisfarne. Their aim is to spread Christianity and their messages around the world with faith, and spirituality.

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In the holy island of


, Durham Cathedral is the greatest Christian church of the Anglican Communion in England. This Norman building is not only cherished for the architecture but it is also known for its pilgrimage place. Durham Cathedral was inscribed with the one of the first world heritage sites castle of Britain. It is the most living center for prayer, and pilgrimage in the north east of England. Durham Cathedral in Lindisfarne spreads the message of Christianity throughout the world. People here visit this church who have faith in Christ, and those who want to be blessed by Mother Mary. Lindisfarne is not just known for the center of pilgrimage, but it is also known for sacred, holy and beautiful site scenes. Majority of the visitors attracts to the stunning beauty of Lindisfarne.

The aim of the

durham cathedral

is, there is a sign which indicates the presence of God and throughout daily offerings done by the visitors of praise and prayers are listened her. It is the greatest church among the other churches ever built. This church was planned and started to build by Bishop Carileph in 1093 in Norman Romanesque style. what to see in Lindisfarne, Durham Cathedral is the sanctuary knocker door made of bronze at the entry of the church, massive carved pillars who have stood for almost 900 years in the Cathedral nave, stone rib vaulting was fitted first only in Durham cathedral, stained glass window, the most beautiful part of the cathedral is the Galilee Chapel, quire, Bishop's throne, Hatfield chanty, Chapel of nine altars, Priors cast ell's clock, cloisters, treasury museum. This were just the highlighted places to be definitely watched in the Durham Cathedral, Lindisfarne.

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