Harbormen Chorus Perform at Interfaith Memorial Service

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The program was held at the church at St. Charles Hospital.

Port Jefferson, NY - April 28, 2014 - The Harbormen Barbershop Chorus was honored and privileged to be invited to participate in the Good Shepherd Hospice’s Interfaith Memorial Service Program:  A Celebration of Life. The program was held at the church at St. Charles Hospital to honor those that have passed and to give comfort to those that were in morning. This is the fifth year that Harbormen have been invite to add their voices to this very beautiful and moving service. We our performance helped to bring meaning and comfort to those in attendance and thank the Good Shepherd Hospice for the privilege of sharing that special time with their staff and the families and friends of those that have departed. The Staff and Volunteers of Good Shepherd Hospice are truly very special people who are truly blessed.

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