Statements Issued On The Indictment of Mangano and Venditto

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto arrested on corruption charges.

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Pictured (left) Edward Mangano and (right) John Devitto, both charged in federal corruption probe today. Photos obtained on Edward P. Mangano on Facebook and Supervisor John Venditto on Facebook.

Long Island, NY - October 20, 2016 - Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto were arrested on corruption charges today. Below is a compilation of statements since issued:

Comptroller George Maragos: "This is a sad day for Nassau County when the County Executive and the Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor, two of its highest elected officials, are indicted on federal corruption charges. Their alleged actions, if proven true, are a betrayal of the public trust and further shake our trust in government. Given the nature of the charges, it would be in the best interest of the County if both would resign in order to allow the people’s work to be conducted with unquestionable integrity."

Senator Todd Kaminsky: “The indictment against County Executive Mangano and Supervisor Venditto is deeply troubling and reminds us that no one is above the law. As a former federal corruption prosecutor, I've seen time and again how politicians abuse the public's trust for personal gain, and this case appears to be no different.  Long Islanders deserve an ethical and clean government, and leaders they can trust. Unfortunately, this indictment has made it clear that that no longer exists in our County. County Executive Mangano and Supervisor Venditto must resign immediately so we can begin, once again, to attempt to restore the public's confidence in our local government.

Pay to play politics is disgraceful and taxpayers deserve better. We need wholesale ethics reform at all levels of government and we need it now. I've called for stricter bribery laws and statewide reforms to the municipal contracting practices for this very reason. It's gone on for too long and it's a disgusting abuse of power. I look forward to working with anyone - Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike - to clean up our government once and for all.”

Democratic/Working Families/Independence Party Candidate for the 16th Legislative District Arnie Ducker: "The arrest today of County Executive Ed Mangano (R) and Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto (R ) further undermines the confidence of taxpayers in the honest conduct of their government’s business.  It is a sad reminder of the need for to immediately create an independent office run by an Inspector General to oversee the procurement
system and prevent this type of abuse of the taxpayers trust.”

New York State Assembly in the 16th District Candidate Matt Varvaro: The arrests of the County Executive and Town Supervisor are a sad reminder of the corruption plaguing all levels of government,” Varvaro said. “Their actions, as described in the criminal indictment, are simply disgraceful. While everyone is entitled to his day in court, it is clear that both men are unfit to lead, and I am calling for their immediate resignation.” Varvaro added, “These arrests also remind us that corruption is a bipartisan problem. When I get to Albany, I will lead the charge for comprehensive ethics reform so that we can end corruption in government—whether it is being committed by Democrats or Republicans."