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Failure to adhere to the below behavior guidelines will result in having your forum posting and mailbox privileges taken away, either temporarily or permanently (depending on the severity of the situation as decided by moderators and/or administrators), or even having your account completely deleted. You may or may not receive a warning depending on the severity of your foul and the moderators unbiased judgment of the situation. Deleted/deactivated accounts are not eligible for any prizes. 

PLEASE NOTE: We made these rules for a reason. You may not like them all, but to be a member here you have to follow them. If you have trouble adhering to these rules, then perhaps stick to posting in your fight camp message board or messaging your friends on the website via the Private Message (PM) system. These rules may sound a little strict, but are in place for the purpose of keeping the community atmosphere a friendly, respectful, mature place for Long Islanders to communicate with eachother.

1. Do not engage in name-calling, threats, exchanges of insults, or intentionally rude behavior towards fellow members. It's 100% fine and normal that you don't agree with another member's comments, and it's completely fine to state that when done without insults. People may post things that are common knowledge, are answered in a pinned topic, or have already been posted many times before. If you care to reply, do so without the use of profanity or a condescending tone. It's old-fashioned, but remember your parents saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". The purpose of having an online community is to have a place for local's to chat with other's who share similar interests. 

2. Posting content: Do not post copyright protected pictures or video clips of events, or even share them via the mailbox system. Do not post anything pornographic or indecent in nature that could be found offensive by any of our members, including avatars. Please respect the rules of other websites in regards to posting content on public forums. Refrain from sharing links to pictures, videos, etc, that are not supposed to be shared publicly, are not legal, and/or violate the terms of use of the source website. 

3. Do not engage in any commercial activities on this website without permission from the site owners. This is not a free-for-all to promote your business, blog, website, or anything else. If you're a company interested in advertising your products to your users please contact us and we will help you set up a customized ad campaign for a reasonable rate. If you are recruiting/advertising for another website, you will be permanently banned immediately. 

4. Do not do any "postwhoring", which entails posting numerous one word replies, posting useless small pieces of text, or participating in things like word association games in an effort to drive up the number of posts you've made. 

5. Do not be a forum troll. No one likes forum trolls. Forum trolls are users who post things that are either absurd or insanely stupid for the purpose of annoying / riling up other members. Do not troll. Trolls are bad. 

6. If you have a question about something please do a search first to see if the topic has been touched upon recently before starting another topic. 

7. Do not post in all capital letters, all bold, or in l33tspeak. This annoys people. Don't annoy people. 

8. Please check the first few pages of the forum category you plan on posting in before you start a new thread. We only have so much space, and would like to keep the discussion going without people having to constantly repeat themselves. If you add your thoughts to the existing thread it will refresh to the top of the front page. DO NOT start a similar thread just to make sure people see your post so that your thoughts gets special attention. 

9. Do not post explicit content: pornography, semi-clothed "hot chicks" threads, cannibalism, gore, snuff films, amputations, surgeries, or any thing else that might be offensive to regular folks. If you think that parents would not want their children to see, don't post it. We have many young members and parent/child players on the site. Just because its in the Long Island Lounge forum doesn't mean that our young ones won't go there. There is no shortage of other sites and communities you can visit for the aforementioned topics. "Fail", "Pwned", and any other similar threads frequently get out of hand as well with one person trying to top the next, so just don't make them. 

10. Do not give advice (or boast) on how to engage in illegal activities. Drug recipes, crime strategies, and anything else that is explicitly illegal has no business being discussed here. Do not advocate rape or child molestation. If you think these things are funny, we suggest you seek professional help. 

11. Do not post your OPINION as a FACT. Two facts: "water is wet", "the sky is blue". A non-fact: "Jon Doe will beat Joe Blow and you all know it" when they have never even fought before.

12. If you have a problem with someone breaking a site rule the best thing to do is come to the moderators with it. Attacking them back yourself, which may be breaking site rules in the process, only adds more fuel to the fire. If someone is PM-ing you, and you don't wish them to, just put them on your PM blocked list. If they attack you on the open forums, it WILL get them in trouble have no fear. Practice the discipline and self-control by resisting the temptation to retaliate and letting the mods fire back for you with a ban or suspension instead :-) 

13. If you have a problem, correction, or suggestion please contact the ADMIN. Starting a thread designed to attack a moderator or anyone else who runs the site is rude and counterproductive. Insulting the people in charge won't help your cause. The moderators work here for free, because they care about this site. They are also humans who have feelings, and are bound to make mistakes from time to time. Trying to embarrass them when they spend a lot of unpaid time making this site habitable for all is a fruitless activity. Starting threads about banned members and attacking the sites moderators for banning them on the open forums is also prohibited; let bygones be bygones. 

14. Do not post uncredited or unreliable rumors on our forums. Yes, even the major new sources get things wrong from time to time, but they are generally reliable. If they are proven wrong we will remove the thread when we find out. 

15. Don't bump threads just to point out you got a pick right.

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