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The Personal Press LLC is a Video Production company focused on highlighting an important subject matter: You, your story, and your brand. Like our name states, we're all about personality. Our focus is presenting video content that genuinely captures the personalities of businesses and individuals in a relatable way. By presenting our content in a down-to-earth and conversational tone,  we think this best captures value and the real experience. Some of our products are business features (marketing videos,) and  Professional Features (Resume Videos.)"
Our Business Feature videos can help businesses more accurately and sincerely deliver information to potential customers and clients. Videos can also showcase visual aspects of a product or business. The idea of Business Feature videos are personally connecting with potential clients and making clear the true value they might find by going into business with you.
Our Professional Features, or Resume Videos, are made to help individuals applying to jobs or college accurately showcase their personalities and talents. Videos can also showcase visuals aspects of an individuals experience or talents. The idea of Professional Feature videos are to accurately and genuinely showcase the value of a job seeker or college applicant.