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Throughout the Winter & Spring, Seals make their home along the shores of Long Island. If you love getting up close & personal with Long Island's wildlife, then you'll want to join American Princess Cruises on a Seal Watching Cruise! American Princess Cruises' captains know just where to find LI's cutest residents, and they've been able to track down seals on every single seal watching excursion that they've been on! 

If you’re ready to catch a glimpse of these beautiful seals, as well as some of the birds and other local wildlife, then book a weekend cruise and let the American Princess Cruises bring you on the trip of a lifetime. In addition to having a spectacular chance of seeing seals, the American Princess is equipped with a large, heated cabin, a refreshing beverage and snack bar, and they've got an expert naturalist on board to provide insight into seals and all of Long Island’s marine life! A video/slide presentation is available during the trip as well.

Get ready to set sail this Winter or Spring, and join American Princess Cruises on one of their exciting & memorable Seal Watching Excursions!

CRESLI Seal Walks

CRESLI Seal Walks

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American Princess Cruises

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