Nassau Executive Curran: “The Risk of Contracting COVID is Higher Than it Has Been in Months”

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has released the following update to residents in regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

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“Nassau County’s COVID-19 positivity is 6.1%, with 812 out of 13,231 tests reporting positive. Nassau’s 7 day average is 5.93%. There are 568 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Nassau County, with 65 in ICU and 33 intubated. Sad to report that we’ve lost four residents to COVID-19.

“The risk of contracting COVID in Nassau County is higher than it has been in months, which calls for increased vigilance from all of us. I know how difficult it is to forgo New Year’s traditions, but we only need to keep it small a little bit longer. Together, we keep each other safe, avoid lockdowns, and build momentum for a strong recovery in 2021.”