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LIGHT SNOW AND SPOTTY LIGHT FREEZING RAIN POSSIBLE THIS EVENING As temperatures slowly rise this evening, light snow should quickly change over to rain across Long Island, New York City and the suburbs just north and west, and across coastal and southeastern Connecticut, with at least a coating of accumulation, and as much as an inch farther away from the coast. As precipitation mixes with and changes to rain, road temperatures in these areas may still be below freezing even as air temperatures slowly rise to the mid and upper 30s, and a light glaze of ice may be possible on untreated surfaces. So plan on slippery conditions this evening even as temperatures slowly rise.

Making the Most Out of New Year’s Eve in New York City

If you're planning on heading to New York City to watch the ball drop, prepare yourself beforehand with these tips!

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Christmas is almost here which means New Year’s is right around the corner too! Every year on December 31st people all around the world gather together to ring in the New Year, but one of the most popular locations for a big New Year's bash is Times Square in New York City. If you’re one of the millions of people planning on heading into the City to watch the ball drop in Times Square then make sure you’re prepared for the weather, big crowds and other factors you’ll have to consider, with these tips for making the most out of New Year’s Eve in New York City!

Dress Warmly & In Layers – Even though you’ll be surrounded by people it’s going to get cold out there in NYC on New Year’s Eve. Dress warmly and in layers that way as your temperature fluctuates you can peel off layers accordingly.

Bring Snacks With You – Remember if you get to your spot in Times Square at 2 p.m. you have another 10 whole hours before midnight. That’s a very long time to be without food and water. Be sure to bring along some easy to carry snacks and water to stay hydrated. Remember alcoholic beverages are not permitted and neither are backpacks. Wearing a coat with lots of pockets is advisable.

Head To The Bathroom First – Before you settle in and find a spot hit the bathrooms first! Finding a bathroom, let alone one with a reasonable line, is going to be much harder the later you wait.

Get There Early – Starting as early as the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, prime viewing spots to see the ball drop are already going to be filling up. Get there early to claim your territory!

Keep Your Cool – With millions of people flocking to New York City to see the ball drop you’re going to have to practice some patience and be a good sport. Face it, people are going to bump into you, step on your shoes, block your view of the festivities, and so on. Just remember you’re there to have fun and so is everyone else. Take in the excitement and atmosphere and enjoy your time there while you’re there.

Watch From Above – If you’d rather not deal with the crowds and hordes of people in Times Square go above it! Book a hotel room or make dinner reservations at a restaurant that looks out onto the ball drop area. This way you can stay warm, free of any pushing and shoving, but still celebrate in style!

Have Backup Plans Just In Case – Just in case of rain, heavy snow or other bad Winter weather conditions, be sure to have a backup plan in place. There are countless bars, restaurants, clubs, museums and other places across New York City hosting New Years Eve events. The last you want is to have travelled all the way to the City just to have to go back home.

Do you have plans to head into NYC on NYE? If so let us know how it goes in the comments below!