Spooky Fest - The Woods Are Haunted: A Walk Through Rockville Centre’s Dark Woods


With less than 10 days left until Halloween, don't miss out on the spookiest holiday of the year.

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The end of October is fast-approaching and so is Halloween. With less than 10 days left until the spookiest holiday of the year, there’s still time to get in on the fun - what Halloween would be complete without a trip to a haunted house! LongIsland.com's 2013 Haunted  House Review Series can help you decide which haunted house you are brave enough to go to - The Center for Science Teaching and Learning’s Spooky Fest in Rockville Centre being one on the list.

Located on the vast grounds of the Tanglewood Preserve, CSTL’s 5th annual Spooky Fest offering a variety of attractions that are both family-friendly and for those who are brave enough to enter into the darkness. At the same time, it allows locals to give back to the preserve and their community. All the proceeds benefit the Tanglewood Preserve and funds CSTL’s science programs and animal rescue programs. Currently, the preserve has approximately 40 different rescued wildlife animals some of which were injured when rescued from all around the Island. As part of Spooky Fest, the animals were exhibited to visitors, allowing them to learn about a variety of them ranging from birds, owls and goats to turtles, snakes and lizards.

“We just love seeing everyone have a good time,” Ray Ann, one of the organizers, said - and you sure will have a good time.

As you enter the Preserve, the chatter of children resonates throughout the woods. Near the entrance, not so scary attractions are set up for the little ghouls and goblins to enjoy. These family fun festivities include the Merry Monsters where friendly characters are dressed up in costumes of all kinds and interact playfully with the kids. Of course, pictures are a must. The next one you’ll encounter is The Mystic Den, where you can be told your fortune and get your faced painted. The final kid-friendly attraction is the Not-So Spooky Walk - a delightful trail filled with colorful, festive lights and decorations. Be sure to bring your cameras - there are plenty of scenes set up for you to take photos of your kids or the entire family.  

Moving on to the more scary attractions, the babbling of the entertained children turns into echoes of screams - you only realize how eerie the atmosphere around you is after it is already too late. The woods become less well-lit in this area, and your mind switches gears completely, preparing for the spooks that surely await you ahead. The first of the big scares is Spooky Fest’s Maze. Once you enter, you must find your way back out the same way you came in - not as easy as it sounds. With all sorts of obstacles and lost souls hiding in some corners, you’ll never know who you’ll encounter next, or what you may find around the next bend.

After you make it through the maze, you’ll encounter the main attraction - Spooky Fest's Scary Walk in the Woods, the haunted trail that CSTL is best known for. The Walk has minimal lighting - the ambient glow is only enough to help you figure out which direction to go, not to see what scares lie ahead. Although the undead lurk in the dark shadows of the night, you will be able to make it through the haunted trail if you’re brave enough!

CSTL Spooky Fest has something for everyone - whether you are easily scared or not, you are sure to have a blast with a peaceful, family-friendly trail or the spooky, dark haunted trail.

With several Haunted House reviews underway for this season - don’t miss out on the inside look for more of the spookiest haunted attractions on Long Island!

For more information on CSTL’s Spooky Fest including hours, pricing, and location, click here!

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